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Hard day at work, makeup off and onesie on! Long day and just it was pretty tough day so I love coming home and cleansing my thoughts and skin! Feel fresh ready for blogging a review about for you lovely readers! So today with me havin a tough day and needing that cleanse, thought I would share my thoughts about the gorgeous "Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Triple Action, Cleanser/Toner/Makeup Remover"

Estee Lauder made a new collection which has improved massively from the old collection which is now discontinued! I need a good cleanser at night time that removes every little bit of makeup. I have a lot of products that tone, remove makeup and cleanse. They just relax in my cupboard until I have to use them! Well this product by Estee Lauder is a life saver because when I am extremely tired, I really don't want to sit there whilst I do each step, so the reason it is a life saver is because it is a triple action! Makeup remover, cleanser AND a toner. Beautiful time saver!

The product is liquid but when you pump it, foam comes out through the end! Lovely bubbly foam that is so lightweight and soft. The good thing about the foam is once it touches your skin it turns into a oil cleanser. I love the idea that foam can remove makeup, you don't need a cloth, wipe or anything! Simple to use with the foam and your makeup melts away! Your not meant to use it around your eyes, but hmmmmmm I did oops! It removes eye makeup and mascara and I felt no irritation on my skin! Got that longwear lipstick that doesn't want to come off, well use this because it removed my toughest of red lipsticks. So impressed!

You can use this on dry skin or wet skin with a couple of pumps it does your whole face and it is so gentle when you massage it onto your skin, and it literally removes the makeup in less than two mins! Once your makeup is removed just simple remove it with splashes of water and dry! Don't rub! Tap dry

My skin feels so squeaky clean and this doesn't leave any sort of residue makeup on my skin. It is actually "perfectly clean" as it says. I love that it has toner with it, so I know my skin is getting that extra looking after without needing to use another product. If your a busy bee like me or like taking your makeup off very quick and easy, then this may be a product for you! With it being so quick you can go get your beauty sleep asap!

I love the new range, what do you think?

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