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Evening my readers! Hope your all excited for weekend because I surely am! So I have many mascaras. Mascaras that do different looks, different lengths, different thickness's and also volume. BUT do you have ONE favourite one? I don't I have to many so I had to do a top five for you lovelies as I am very indecisive. A mascara would be one out of a few things I would bring with me if I had to be sent to a desert island! Well here goes. I will showing you the mascara wands on the pictures to give you a good look at them important bits aha and plus you can see the packaging in the picture below!

It was so hard to choose which is the very best out of the five mascaras but I managed to get there! I will start off with number #1! I am going to give you little briefs about the products rather than essays because there is so many mascaras to talk about and I have already blogged about some or about to in the future hehe!

First place; is the Benefit They're Real mascara. This is probably in everyone's top five, top three or just clearly best mascara. It is one of the best selling mascaras out there! Well it is, can't fault this mascara one bit, everything about it is perfect and it clearly shows a perfect set of eyelashes when you have finished! FINALLY a mascara that actually does what it is supposed to do! It lengths, gives volume and separates your lashes. It does give you the false eyelash effect without using false eyelashes. This will always always be my favourite mascara ever! This mascara works on any type of eyelash, short, stumpy, long, thick, thin, no lashes to lots of lashes! Well worth the price and you can purchase this from Benefit so I suggest you go buy it..

Second place; goes to Chanel Inimitable Waterproof mascara. It says its multi-dimensional, well it is! This was so close to being first place but I guess it is definitely on the border line with Benefit's mascara! It is a clump free mascara, one layer and your good to go! It adds length and thickness, with it being waterproof there is no smudge or panda eyes in the winter! I really need to buy another one, has I have pretty much emptied this one now. Even though it is pricey it is worth it. Chanel never disappoint me with their makeup products. Has you may of noticed I love spiky mascaras because on my lashes them type of wands seem to do the trick!

Third place; Rimmel London Scandaleyes Showoff mascara! Would you look at that it is another spiky one haha! This wand is almost a lookalike of Benefit's They're Real with a bit more chunk and spikes? The reason why it is in my top five is that it is clump free, adds ALOT of volume and thickness. I love the fluttery lash effect it gives my eyelashes! I love that it is lightweight and has a gel-like formula. The only thing I have noticed is that it flakes after a few hours on me but it happens rarely! I wouldn't let it bother you because overall it is a gorgeous mascara and very easy to apply to!

Fourth place; is the popular YSL Babydoll mascara. The reason this didn't get third was because the wand is a bit flimsy when applying it and I am always a bit cautious of it just flicking in my eye haha or just bending into my face and leaving black splodges everywhere! Not happened yet and don't think it ever will but anyways haha, it is a gorgeous masacara and again it is spiky, adds so much length to my eyelashes it is unreal! I love that it is the blackest of black shades too. I think it is called babydoll because it gives you the babydoll effect eyelashes.

Fifth place; last but not least is the Max Factor Wild Mega Volume mascara! It is probably fifth because there is no spikes involved. Although for a brush wand it is very effective. The formula is okay, your normal standard mascara. I love the peanut shape brush, not sure what it is supposed to do haha but it adds length and volume to it definitely. Easy to apply but with the brush being quite big it isn't easy to apply the bottom lashes, you can catch your skin and end up with blobs! Overall though it is a good mascara, I would say a standard mascara but the reason it is on my list because it makes my eyelashes super long!

Hope you enjoyed my top five mascaras! Tell me below what your favourite mascaras are!

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1 comment on "My Top Five Mascaras ♥"
  1. my favourite mascara is maybelline's the falsies!!!
    i really want to try out the benefit mascara, it seems to be very popular :)


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