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Morning readers! It is my day off today and yet I still woke up at 6/7am. I don't think I will experience a lie in again. Ah well up bright and early I guess. I am doing a good deed today and go to the charity shop and give some clothes to the Cancer Research. You need to help out every now and again, I would rather give it to someone who may like and want my clothes than throwing them away in a bin to rot. Well let's get onto the juicy purchases from Barry M! They are absolutely dreamy....

They are gorgeous aren't they? I bought the trio because there was an offer of 3 for 2, couldn't resist. So one is a gelly finish, then you have the matte too, then my absolute favourite out of the three is the glitter! I have a thing with nudes at the moment and these Barry M colours are perfect! They have such a variety colours to choose from, so if you are having difficulty finding that one colour you want, go to Barry M and without a doubt you will find one or maybe more.

Like I said nudes are my current favourite colour, I don't know whether it is because it looks sleek and sophisticated or the fact it is winter and it is a quite warm cosy colour? I will go with both reasons. I think the trio together look really festive and christmassy < if that is a word. The glitter one looks like tinsel, it isn't your normal glitter, it looks like strands rather than circles. Which again makes it look even more festive. These are from Superdrug just to let you know and the name for the glitter was called "Superdrug Limited Edition" so I am guessing that is the name of the shade perhaps?

Onto the nudes! These pictures below are infact turned to the side so the logo are not in the way of the colour, just so you can have more of a clear view of the beautiful colours. The left one is called "Lychee" and it is a Gelly hi-shine. I have ate lychee's before and they are yummy, just like this colour! Lychee is a warm nude and it's divine. The Gelly hi-shine are so easy to apply and you only need one coat, the pigment in one layer is amazing. You could apply a second layer but there isn't much difference so one coat is definitely enough especially if your waiting for them to dry.

The right one is the newest out of the range, from the Matte collection. This is called Caramel. I have to stop there because the name of these polishes are just amazing. The name describes the colour spot on with a hint of deliciousness. Carrying on.. As you may know this range is much different to the others obviously haha! Matte nail varnishes in general are abit more tricky to apply than your normal nail varnishes, but with Barry M they do make it slightly easier! Caramel is a gorgeous creamy nude, it is sheer but two coats and your happy to go! These are the best shades I have purchased in a very long time and Barry M you have fulfilled that empty hole!

You can't fault these one bit, I have been purchasing Barry M nail varnishes for a few years now and I have not got one bad thing to say about these. The price of £3.99 for a absolute perfect varnish is amazing and when you get an offer like 3 for 2 then your very lucky haha! I would recommend these to everyone! Go quick to Superdrug to get that special offer..

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  1. i wish we had barry m here :( i love the colours!


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