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Well hello there again, fancy meeting you here! Again I didn't have a lie in that I wanted to on another day off. I don't think I will experience a lie in after 7am. That is it! I really need a lie though because these dark circles under my eyes aren't doing me any justice! Seriously they need to go. This is why I am going to write about one of my favourite concealers that do that trick of hiding my horrendous dark circles.I do apologise when I uploaded these pictures on my computer they were lovely and bright but when I upload them on blogger they seem to darken them, I have done everything to make them brighten but blogger isn't having none of it.

It is called "Select Cover Up" and it is by MAC cosmetics. The reason I went to MAC for concealers is because they are good but they have the perfect range of shades that matches my skin, you may of heard me complain before about the awkward yellow olive skin tone but if you haven't then basically I have a very awkward skin colour that is very hard to find an exact colour match in products. I have tried so many concealers to hide these circles and without looking cakey! Well I come across one that I have used for quite a while and it hasn't disappointed me!

It is a liquid based concealer which I prefer. Cream based or cream stick seem to look cakey with my dry skin so I do try to avoid them really even though they can hide these dark circles. I may talk a lot about my eye circles during this blog just because I don't suffer from any spots in particular so I don't use concealer for that really BUT when I do just to let you know that this concealer is really good for covering any imperfections you may have.

As you can see I have two, one is slightly lighter than my skin tone and usually I use that to highlight on special occassions or nights out. That is the NC20 and then I have NC30 which is my skin tone and it is slightly more orange undertone because orange is good to cut out the grey undertones in my dark circles! Little tip for you there. It definitely blends in well and brightens and lightens my dark areas and evens out my skin tone around my eyes. I need something that will last me all day and this does last me hours and hours throughout the day without the need to top up. When applied you only need a tiny pea amount because the pigment is spot on and it spreads quite well.

Comes in a tube and I would say I have a problem with things that come in a tube, just because I am prone to squeeze too much or it tends to splatter everywhere! Anyway it is a tiny tube that is perfect for travelling! Don't be worried because it is tiny that you think you won't get much use out of it well you do! One tube has been with me for months and I ain't even near to finishing it either. BONUS yes.

If you have dark circles, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, acne, spots, scars.. Could go on forever. This little tube will do the trick of hiding any little imperfection you may want gone! I am so pleased with this product and it is a really good price I think of £12/13 if I remember? Little caution, do not apply a lot on though because you will look a doll haha! Some other reasons to try it is that this concealer, does not crease! That is a big thing with concealer is where it crease or if it looks like it is melting away. Good for all skin types especially, even though it gives a semi-matte finish.

Let me know what you thoughts are about it and comment below or email me!

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