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Eyelashes can be such a pain, there are definitely days where mascara just won't work and will not make them lashes longer! It is frustrating when the day before they looked perfect and long. Well there is a gorgeous lash primer by Estee Lauder that can give you them perfect lashes day after another. I need a good primer that not only look after my lashes but make them look voluminous when mascara is applied on top!

This primer plus helps build a base for the lashes to be extra long and have more volume, also darkens the lashes making them appear longer too. This is one of the best primer for eyelashes I have tried. I use eyelash primer because I have some little eyelashes that have a life of their own and then I have longer lashes that I want to make longer and fuller. I can't not use a primer anymore since I have found this because it does make a big difference to your lashes.

IT PREVENTS CLUMPING ON MY EYELASHES, yes that is right! I don't have to worry about clumping when I apply this, how perfect!

It is so easy to apply, it goes on smoothly and you can add as many layers of this you want until your happy with the length and things. It applies evenly and separates the lashes quite well too! Also it improves the mascara's lasting power throughout the day and keeps them in place. This is also a treatment for your lashes and I have definitely seen a difference and my eyelashes are in a better condition. It is a white formula and you apply onto the lashes like you normally would with mascara! You can buy this at any Estee Lauder counter for roughly £16.50-17.50 if I could remember haha oops.

This was only a short night time review to end the beautiful day, and I am so sleepy and think I need to count them sheep! Have a lovely night's sleep and make sure you comment below if you want me to try and other eyelash primers! Love you guys

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1 comment on "Lash Primer Plus by Estee Lauder ♥"
  1. This is a great idea, I've never thought of an eyelash primer before! It's a bit pricey so I'd be interesting in finding a dupe, but I don't mind paying for something that does what it claims so well so I'll have to keep an eye out for this :) Great review x

    Claire | AgentSmyth


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