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Bonjour! Hope you all having a lovely week and your in for another treat tonight and it seems to be Bourjois Paris crazy on my blog in the past two days. Has you probably seen on my Instagram I have shown you these products! It has been a Bourjois Paris craze apparently and their new foundations seem to be amazing. So I have yet got another foundation and the joint serum to talk to you about today. Enjoy!

Here are the two gorgeously scented products. It is by Bourjois Paris, and it is from the "Happy Light" range and thought I would get both the foundation and the illuminating serum as well to make them a pair. Beautiful is all I have to say. I shall talk about the serum first, has that is the first thing you apply on your face before the foundation. The serum is called "Happy Light, Luminous Serum Primer"

Oh the packaging, it looks so dreamy, let me tell you it is as well! I partly purchased this because it is pretty and pink. It is the perfect size but this primer is another favourite already. Most of you all what that luminous, healthy glowing looking skin, am I right? Well if I am then this little thing will give you just that. For me there is no need for all that shimmer highlighting or glitter this and that because this bottle has all the luminosity you can get without the shimmer particles! I purchased the luminous one because it would be better for my skin tone which it is. There is a matte version which would be more for oily combination skins. They have really thought about their products recently and their primers are lush.

This primer is almost like a fluffy cream, lightweight, so easy to blend. As it primes my skin it is in fact adding a little bit of moisture and hydration to my skin also! You could use this on its own or underneath foundation. Once applied you can see a difference, I look more awake and bright. My skin was smoother and I seen that my complexion was much better than when I was not using this. I would say this primer is a good everyday primer and the price is £10.99, good bargain for a good product.

Next up is the lovely "Happy Light Foundation" these work so well together. Firstly I have to say that finding a foundation for this range was disappointing! There is no shade that exactly suits my skintone or my jaw line so I had to make do with the closest shade yet again. I did try this out on my chin before purchasing though to make sure I could get away with it in public haha! What does it do then? I heard you ask? Well they say it is supposed to give you that flawless and luminous complexion in any sort of light and it doesn't contain SPF! Which I am so happy about, that is another reason I purchased this. I will no longer look ghostly in photos, I refuse to.

Carrying on haha, I was so excited to try this product because it felt dreamy when I applied the tester to my chin. I use the Real Technique Face Expert brush to give it that flawless streak free finish. You only need a tiny drop and you can always add more if need to, but the coverage is sheer to semi medium, I would say if you feel like you have any flaws and that on your skin that you want to cover then this might not be the foundation for you BUT like I say always give things a try. (That's how I ended up bloggin' by giving things a try haha).

Lovely everyday foundation. Definitely made my skin look healthier and more radiant. I love products that don't need that glitter and shimmer to give you that luminous look. Think this may be for newest favourite foundation now, and I suggest you add this foundation to your wish list ladies. The foundation itself is a light texture, almost like a gel? It is hydrating and that is what my skin craves for so it is not drying in the slightest! It also evened out my skin tone which is another bonus for me. This was £11.99 which for a good foundation is a bargain.

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