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Hello again, it has been a while since my last blog but I have been very busy, busy bee. I have seen a lot of people buying this product and setting reviews about it. So ladies and possibly gents, I thought I would share my thoughts about it since I was quite confused maybe? About what to do with this product and how you would apply it and things. So here goes for lovely readers.

You do need a bit of bronze in your life right? Had that little radiance to your skin? Course especially it with being winter, everything looks dull and grey, even ourselves. BUT there is a big BUT you have to becareful with how much bronzer or brown stuff you put on your face during winter. Just because it is grey and dull you can look overly orange! Don't apply as much bronzer in winter than you would in summer. Haha, this is a note to myself to because I have done it previously, we have all been there.

I have heard more positive comments than negative about this product. This product is such a good dupe for the Chanel Bronze Universal. So if you don't fancy spending £30+ then definitely give this a try. Cream based bronzers have always interested me and now that Bourjois Paris have made a primer version then ay why not? This product has a gorgeous golden undertone, so with my olive skin it definitely adds warmth and glow. The texture is lovely soft jelly like feel, quite fluffy to like whipped cream, chocolate mousse I'd say! It has that glide to it so it makes it soft to blend and a little bit goes a long way. With it being a primer, I knew straight away that it was going to be a sheer finish with a hint of bronze, and I was correct.

This little pot of gold should be in everyones makeup bag just because it is that cute and small, fit anywhere and now you can party and bronze as you want. It has the right amount of product in the pot and will last you a good few months. This primer leaves a quite satin finish towards a matte finish. It is smooth on my skin and doesn't look patchy or streaky at all. So many ways to wear this primer with it having that hint of bronze goodness. It comes in the one shade and is meant to suit all skin tones. Definitely depends on your skin tone how much is applied.

I prefer to use a primer, just to give a base for my foundatin. Use a tiny bit and use either a buffin' brush or a stipling brush and this will give your skin a flawless complexion. You can apply it wherever you want and however you want. Sometimes ladies contour with this or apply it to where the sun naturally hits your face, which I think most people do, like me! I don't use a lot but I use a bit to make me look alive haha! So when you applied the bronzing primer, just let it dry a little and soak in and apply your foundation like normal, it is easy. This is so much easier in the morning just quick to apply, gives me colour but I don't need to add foundation so it makes me have more of a lie in to! BONUS.

Overall it is an amazing product and I would rate it 8/10 just two points away because I would prefer a bigger pot. A perfect dupe from Chanel Bronze Universal. I love that it is easy, adaptable and anyone can use|wear it. Much more of a natural finish than any other bronzers I have seen. What ever the season, it works!

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3 comments on "Bourjois Paris Bronzing Primer ♥"
  1. Lovely post!
    Definitely want to try this product. Is it shimmery or more matte would you say?

    Emmy xo

    1. it isn't shimmery or matte, it is just healthy finish x

  2. great post! maybe i will try to get it, i'm not sure yet ... :)


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