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Evening my makeup addicts! Well Bourjois Paris have definitely been doing well for themselves recently, a year or so ago I never really looked at using their products before because I remember buying a blusher from them and it was either the product I bought was dodgy or the pigment didn't want to stay on my skin! Haha but I have heard good reviews about their foundations, so you should know by now what I did haha if you don't then I bought one! So yeah I thought I would give Bourjois Paris another chance in my life!

I had a look around and I have seen many reviews about their other foundations such as "healthy mix" and the "healthy mix with serum" well thought I would be different and try out the 123 Perfect foundation, not heard many people review or talk about this especially Instagram.

I love the packaging, so I will talk about this first. I love simple plain designs, it really catches my eyes. The fact it is a pump makes it even more attractive to use, just because 1. I am terrible at working out how much I need on my hand and 2. It is less messy. Right less about packaging. This foundation is beautiful, I would recommend to everyone but I don't think everyone would like it as much as I do. I love this product because I love it isn't a drying texture, it is creamy and thick but when I say thick I don't mean that your face will look like a cake. Perfect consistency that is easily blended and cake free. It is a lovely sheer but buildable to medium coverage, which I am currently loving at the moment.

It is a lightweight foundation, so when you have applied it, you can't feel anything on your skin! Light has a feather and I think that is what most foundations are doing now in their formula is making it look more natural and feel like you have nothing on your skin. It was quite hard to find a good shade to match my skin tone with it being quite a olive and yellow undertone but I managed to get one as close as I could!

I would say it dries quite matte, add a good primer underneath and you could make it look healthy and dewy. I have dry skin, really dry skin to be infact and this isn't a problem for my skin at all even though I would recommend it more to oily|combination skin types because it dries matte. I think before you judge a foundation that fits an oiler skin type and you have a dry skin please do still try it because you may be surprised of the outcome like me with this foundation. It is not greasy one bit when applied and it dries quite quickly as well.

I have boring skin, not going to lie. It is dull as some random discolouration which makes me look ill. Yeah so I need something which will help this. 123 has three correcting pigments in the formula. 1) Yellow pigment to help with any dark circles. 2) Mauve to perk up that dull skin. 3) Green to help take away any redness on the skin too. It really did take away that dull skin and make it more alive. I can't really speak much about the redness as I don't really suffer from any redness or acne! Please do let me know if you find this foundation works for redness skin types.

Simply apply with a brush or your fingers which ever you prefer, easy to blend and you only need a tiny drop because I little goes a very long way. It is a lovely everyday natural foundation has it is comfortable to wear. I would buy this again, it is good for my skin especially during winter times. It was £10.99 and I bought this from superdrug but can purchase this anywhere, anywhere seels Bourjois Paris.

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  1. thanks for the review, i am currently using the healthy mix foundation but i'm not sure if i should repurchase it when it's finished... maybe i will give this one a try ;)


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