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Good morning blog readers and Happy 1ST November! I can't believe it is November already and I have been blogging properly since September, them months have flew by! With it being winter, one thing I love doing at the end of the day after work is going home to a hot steamy bathing-session! I love lying there and just seeing the steam raise from the water. When I say steam I mean steam! I love winter but my skin refuses to agree with me. After that steamy bath my skin needs a good moisturiser.

I went to Body Shop because I have used their chocolate, cocoa and shea butter! They have all been really rich and moisturising for my skin. This time I found myself buying the oh so fruity Vineyard Peach body butter. I fell in love with the smell pretty much straight away.

I am a body butter lover, I will confess! The texture is thick and creamy and I prefer to rub it together in my hands to let it melt a little and then apply just because it applies so effortlessly on my skin. It does in quite quick which I prefer in moisturisers. Even though my skin needs it, I really dislike creams, lotions and butters that linger on the skin and feel greasy for ages! The scent is just gorgeous and the peachy scent stays for such a long time throughout the day.

If you love a thick, luxurious and fruity body moisturisers then I suggest you have a look at this one. If fruity ones aren't your favourite there is others that I would recommend that I mentioned above. I can't actually get enough of the scent and this butter, it is perfect.

I use the body butter everyday and even whilst I am in work, I will bring it with me to keep my skin moisturised! It is devine and I think this body butter is a feminine scent. I want to try next the Vineyward Peach Body Scrub, I have heard them to are a good combination to have! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone but especially the people that have dry skin and need that 24 hour hydration like me!

Have you tried any Body Shop Body Butters? If you have what have you tried?

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2 comments on "Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter ♥"
  1. i haven't tried any body butters from the body shop. probably should :)
    great post! xx

  2. I've tried the coconut butter,its really good!
    Love your blog x


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