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It is that time again.. Ladies and possibly gents! It is #askashleighbeauty time and I have had some quite interesting and very lovely questions that have brought a smile to my face. I have blogged quite a lot today, usually I only do one a day but you lucky bunch have had three! Hope I am keeping you all entertained :).

Question One; by xievax on instagram.
Will you ever make a YouTube account?
Yes I will be very soon, I just need to invest in a very good camera and a tripod stand and I will entering the world of YouTube! Hopefully it will be a success and I have exciting things to talk to about too so fingers and toes crossed!

Question Two; by lem0nshakes on instagram.
Favourite and least favourite drugstore brand?
Hmm tricky one! A couple of my favourites would be Bourjois Paris, Maybelline and Rimmel! There makeup are very good quality for the price and there things do last a very long time and some of their products have amazing pigment too. Least favourite would be Collection 2000 just because some of their products have made me had slight reaction, so that isn't very good!

Question Three; by xlilybaker on instagram.
Favourite Lush bath bombs?
I do not know where to start, I have pretty much had them all! BUT I can choose a one because this one is so beneficial for me. "Butterball" it's called, just because it really moisturises my skin and with me having eczema, the cocoa butter is like heaven on my skin and leaves it feeling so soft and moisturised when I get out the bath.It doesn't really fizz or anything like that but it melts in your bath like butter on a hot pan! You can feel the cocoa butter in the water as it sinks into your skin.

Question Four; by chinesewhisper on instagram.
If all your makeup disappeared, what would be your first five products you would repurchase?
First of all if all my makeup disappeared, I would cry and send a search party out there! Back to the question I would repurchase the Benefit They're Real mascara, MAC espresso eyeshadow for my brows, MAC select cover up concealer. Ah can't think of a blusher I have too many... Mmm I would repurchase MAC warm soul mineralize blusher and then Naked 2 Palette!

Question Five; by itsellieloves on instagram.
Favourite pot noodle flavour (& do you add the soy sauce)?
I have two favourites BUT my first favourite is the Beef&Tomato because that is seriously yummy and I add the soy sauce and if the Beef&Tomato isn't there I would pick up the Chicken&Mushroom and also add the soy sauce to that also.

Question Six; by perksofbeingsaffie on instagram.
How old were you when you first started wearing makeup?
I was about 14? I was in year 8/9 something like that and I bought my first mascara from Clinique and it was the High Impact mascara! It was so good then, but after I used that I bought a Dior mascara, well my mum bought it I think! That was so chunky I loved it! Didn't start wearing foundation til' I was in year 11 properly and now suddenly I have become this makeup addict haha!

Question Seven; by elliekeenexo on instagram.
What is your holy grail lip product?
Most definitely the MAC Russian Red lipstick in matte! I wear this all the time, no matter where I go. It has lasted me a good year or more and I will always love this lippy and constantly repurchase it too!

Thank you for all your questions, until next time ciao!

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  1. great post and thank you for featuring my question, I would also cry if all your makeup disappeared haha!



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