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I used to call this type of post "Q&A" but I am renaming it to "Ask Ashleigh Beauty" think it may sound better has a title? Well thank you all so much for your wonderful questions and it always amazes me the response I get from it as well. I never thought I would see the day that you guys would be interested in what I like and things! I do appreciate it and I am going to tell you, how much I truly appreciate your love and support, that I have from you all! Love you all.

Right mushy love over hehe, here is some of the questions I had received. I apologise if your question was not posted but I will try and pop it on the next #askashleighbeauty!

Question One; by bethanyeve_x on instagram.
What inspired you to start a blog?
My makeup collection did and you guys of course! You all asked me to do a blog and a youtube and it was all your lovely comments that got me where I am today. You lovely readers that love makeup so much and enjoy my instagram made me think that I should write a blog and share you my thoughts and reviews about my collection. I have always wanted to be a big blogger! Maybe one day

Question Two; by lisannelagendijk on instagram.
What hairstyle for people with blonde straight hair do you like the most?
Hmm, I am rubbish with hair. I love straight hair or wavy hair is just has perfect. I am not a big fan of curls anymore, I used to be so jealous of girls with lovely locks but now I think the beach waves are in and will always be gorgeous.

Question Three; by ellieatkin on instagram.
What's the cheapest makeup item you own?
It is infact a copy of Benefit's High Beam, and I bought a really really cheap copy called High Lights from Body care. It cost me about £1.99 or 99p? It is quite good but wouldn't purchase it again, not quite sure why I bought it actually. Although I do have MUA lipsticks that I bought for £1 each but I gave them away and never used them ahah oops.

Question Four; by baileydelehant on instagram.
What is your favourite fall/winter drink?
Yummy, it will always be and has always been my favourite drink for winter and it is ... HOT CHOCOLATE, the original and normal hot chocolate out there, usually cadburys! Can't go wrong with a hot chocolate during winter. I may dry hot vimto because I have heard that is a good one for winter also, what about you?

Question Five; by beyoutywithnicole on instagram.
Favourite Starbucks Drink?
I have two favourites, I have the gorgeous hot chocolate as per usual but I love the strawberries and cream thing, not sure of the name they call it but it's delicious! I even have them in winter. Making me want one now!

Question Six; by asdfghjklpoppy on instagram.
If you could visit one place for an hour, where and why?
This is a toughy, could it be more than one place please? Haha. I would chose a few places because I can't make my mind up. Hawaii because I have always wanted to go there and see the white beach the heat and the culture! New York, well I don't need a reason for that but the shopping experience and buying things in dollars. Paris? To view the culture and the gorgeous eiffel tower too.

Question Seven; by martine_fl01 on instagram.
If you could bath in skittles or nutella which would you choose?
Easy, it would be skittles. I am allergic to NUTS! So I don't fancy having an allergic reaction haha!

Thank you for all your questions!

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