"Santa's" Lip Scrub & "Santa Baby" Lip Tint from Lush ♥

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Santa Baby
Just slip a sable under the tree, For me
Been an awful good girl
Santa Baby
So hurry down the chimney tonight

Aw I am getting so excited for christmas even though it is only october but time does fly! I love winter, cold and icy mornings and christmas red onesies! I love that snug and warm feeling you get at winter and christmas. Well this also made me feel more excited for this season because Lush Cosmetics have launched the most amazing little goodies for christmas time! So not only have they relaunched their very famous "Snow Fairy" but now there is the "Santa" Collection. Lip Scrub and the Lip Tint.

I shall start off with the luxurious "Santa's" Lip Scrub! Here is the direct link for the Santa's Lip Scrub. This is such a christmassy product! I have tried the Bubblegum version but this is definitely a new favourite of mine. The texture is much less crumbly and more moisturising. It is easier to use because it doesn't break away like the other but overall it does taste delicious! It tastes like cola bottles, chupa chupa cola lollies! If you love cola sweeties then you will pretty much fall in love with this lip scrub. I want to use this everyday just because it tastes so good. The colour is that christmassy red that you would expect santa to be wearing! It does leave my lips smoother and soft than the other scrubs. The scrub as the ingredients of caster sugar and coconut oil with that hint extract of cherries and dates! Want kissable lips for christmas? Scrub your lips with this beauty!

When I opened up the lip scrub I was so surprised it has little tiny hearts, this definitely makes the product cute! I am sure that these are edible. Remember: Don't use this everyday because the lips are very sensitive, so use only once or twice a week when you feel like you need it. You can purchase this for just £5.50

Next up is the partner for the Lip Scrub and that is the gorgeous "Santa Baby" Lip Tint! Here is the link for the Santa Baby Lip Tint. After the scrub, you can apply the lush Lip Balm whether it is this Santa Baby Lip Tint or one of your own. The Santa Baby Lip Tint is a bright red and as red as you can get for christmas! It is a moisturising boost for the lips. It is cola flavoured, hmm yum! Such a lovely lip tint, just to add that extra bit of colour to your lips to look gorgeous in winter. It is buildable but because it is a quite tiny product a lip brush would be the best to apply this product on your lips.

I think these are really cute gifts for christmas especially Lush products! They are cheap but such cute perky things you can purchase that everyone will be happy with! Have you tried these gorgeous santa products?

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2 comments on ""Santa's" Lip Scrub & "Santa Baby" Lip Tint from Lush ♥"
  1. oooh these a gorgeous! i might have a look at these next time im in there! :) I've nominated you for the Liebster award! the details are on my blog :) xxx


  2. i cannot wait for christmas either, i love fall and winter time :)


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