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Today is another twist! I have been paying much more attention to my hair and you will see very soon why! My hair is dry and can be quite dull looking! I really do envy the girls that have that lush shiny, fly-away flawless and just perfect hair basically. I have a heard that the Moroccan oil is really good for your hair, so what did I do! Buy it of course and review it and let all you amazing people know what it is like!

I bought this from Boots or you can probably buy this at any drug store shop! It isn't the famed moroccan oil but it is certainly a good dupe that does the exact same job. This is the gorgeous "Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil" for your hair.

It is a lovely lightweight oil and quite a thin texture! I personally think this oil is moisturising for my hair when I have tried this but to be honest with my hair being so dry that anything will add hydration and moisture. It doesn't do all the jobs the famed Moroccan Oil does but it definitely does something for me. When I used this is definitely controlled them annoying fly away bits of hair that get on your nerves, and made my scalp and hair feel less brittle and dry. I have noticed when I applied this on damp hair and then I blow dry it with the hairdryer, it added that shine I have always wanted even though it was a tiny bit of shine at first.

My hair really needs be brought back to life. I think more uses of this product it will be. What to do is squeeze the bottle and allow a decent amount for the length and thickness of you hair. I would of preferred a pump bottle because then you won't have that trouble of too much coming out. There is only a tiny amount of scent to it but the scent that is there is quite luscious. The good thing I like about this product is it does not leave your hair looking greasy or feel weighty! So you rub your hands together and apply to damp - towel dried hair and just rub it all over including the very ends of your hair! Try and apply evenly all over.

I would definitely recommend this product. It is good quality and very reasonably priced to! I am really happy with this and definitely be using this every time I was my hair! The texture of my hair as improved and looks alot healthier than it did before! If your hair needs that extra bit of help and care then buy this and try it first because you pay for the more expensive Moroccan Oil. It is my new best hair friend!

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  1. I've been looking around for ages for a good cheaper version of the Moroccan Oil and I never seemed to find a good one but you have totally just saved my life! I've followed you especially for that! Keep up the good work, your blog is amazing :-) x

  2. Your blog is amazing! Followed you, would you mind following back? Xx


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