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Face masks, every girl and maybe the one or two gents love a good face mask. I certainly do, so I thought I would purchase one from Lush! Every time I go in there and see all these amazing and tasty looking face masks and I have always been mmm'in and ahh'in because I was worried that most of them contained nuts. Just to inform you all, I am allergic to nuts but finally I thought I would experiment and choose a nut free face mask. So just wanted to tell you all how aaaaaamazing this little pot of gold is!

This was one out of a few didn't have nuts in, so here it is  "The Sacred Truth" from Lush Cosmetics. I have dry skin and I would say it is a quite dull skin which needs brightening up a little bit more. It is beautiful. The rich and softening ingredients really benefit my type of skin, but don't get me wrong oiler skins can use this. The main thing I love about this mask before I carry on is the papaya! I LOVE papaya.

I have quite a hard selling job so I like giving my skin that good pamper at the end of the day, because every day it needs that moisture and looking after. This mask gives it that little extra help every other day and keep it good condition. Lets talk about the ingredients, that is the most important thing about the Lush products has they are ll 100% natural. I could go on for hours naming all the ingredients so I will pick out the main ones and ingredients you might of heard of.

It has evening primrose oil, shea butter, coconut oil and honey will do the job of moisturising the skin and keep it soothing. Then you have the clays of koalin and talc which help keep the skin clean. Last but not least my favourite ingredient of the lot, PAPAYA! This makes the mask small amazing but helps dissolive dead skin cells, which is great for my dry skin especially in winter when it gets worse.

AS you can see it is a light green but very green product when applied! I only applied a little bit because I don't like a lot of product on my face personally, but you can apply has much as you want, you can be generous with it. It dries into a darker green colour and I leave my face mask on for about ten to fifteen minutes, so it gets a good soak and my skin gets all the goodness it can get out of the mask. The smell is incredible when applied.

Just a little final note please please please remember to keep this in the fridge because it is real food ingredients so it needs to be kept in the fridge as if it was real food! This is because it can go off and it won't be very nice to applied if not. I reckon I could get a good seven|eight masks out of this tub but if you use quite a bit at a time probably about five? It is such a gorgeous product for only £5.95 and that is an amazing price.

Have you used this or any of Lush Face Masks?

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