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Always have chapped lips? Flaky lips? Yes? So do I. It is frustrating especially in the winter. My lips hate winter, they go all flaky, dry and chapped. Sorry it doesn't sound attractive but most of you probably will agree with me and that your lovely lips suffer this to! Well I have a solution that has kept my lips so soft and dry-free in winter for a year now and can also use this in summer to! It is the gorgeous and the most perfect lip scrub you can find.

It is the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub. You probably knew I was going to say this just because it is a very popular product and you can eat it! If you have a nightmare applying lipstick on dry lips, your lives have been saved by this product. You can buy this from Lush Cosmetics

This very pink girly product, clears dead skin and flakiness from the lips. Definitely made my lips much more softer and smoother after just one scrub. It is just made from caster sugar and jojoba oil, all natural ingredients in lush products. Really moisturising but does not leave my lips feeling greasy at all.

I have noticed that after a good scrub it provides my lips a perfect base to apply lipstick and my lipstick is applied much more smoothly than it would of done if I had dry or rough lips mmm lovely hehe. The sugar grains are gentle to use on your lips but really tasty if you get a little bit in your mouth!

This is probably the most reviewed flavour of the lip scrub collection from Lush. I don't blame them though, because it is such lovely product to have in your skin care collection. This tastes exactly like bubblegum it does make you want to just eat the product but please avoid doing that has it is bad for your teeth with all that sugar! There is other flavours, PopCorn, Mint and a christmas one that is red called "Santa's". They are £5.50 and these last such a long time because you don't need to scrub your lips everyday.

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  1. i really want to try this out but i think 10€ are pretty much for such a little thing :(


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