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This lovely foundation as been requested to be reviewed and wrote about, I have this gorgeous foundation for a while and therefore I do apologise for the state it is in.

I know I have been writing about a lot of foundation recently but I guess it is because it is the most used product and most requested to review so people know what to foundation would be perfect for them!

Today I am going to about the famous number foundation in most magazines but definitely in my own top three. The "Doublewear Stay In Place Makeup" foundation by Estee Lauder. This is a miracle in a bottle, it is BEAUUUUUTIFUL. I think this is one of the foundation that most people are in love with and if you haven't already tried it, when you do then you will be in love with it.

It is perfect. It has a full coverage and lasts all day! It does not transfer onto clothing or changes colour throughout the day for at least 15 hours. It is a true colour. Oil and shine free, so it is quite a semi-matte finish that doesn't need powder but if you want to add powder you still can without it looking cakey. It makes you skin look flawless and airbrushed. It is a dreamy product that makes your makeup look professional.

It is always important when purchasing a foundation to get the right shade for you. Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation as so many shades and especially for them shades you might not think exist. This is how good their shades are because it is really hard to find my skin tone and straight away there was no struggle, I found one instantly! Because it is such a full opaque coverage it is best to get as close to your natural skin tone because you don't want your skin looking like your wearing a "mask" or have that "jaw line mark"

The finish is a semi-matte. Even thought it is such a full coverage, it looks so natural and you can make it look glowing if you add some moisturiser to it, if you prefer a radiant dewy finish. You could build this up to the coverage you want. It can cover ANY imperfections. It looks a little bottle but you don't need a lot of product, a little goes a long way. It costs £28.50 and I would say it is worth its price because of the quality of the product and what it can do.

Do believe me when I say it lasts all day, there is no sliding or caking, or patchiness! I couldn't believe it when I see that it does last all day. One of the best foundation I have ever used, it even stays in place in summer, when your sweat and everything! It definitely has that stay on power!

You can purchase this pretty much anywhere that has an Estee Lauder counter!

4 comments on "Estee Lauder - Doublewear Stay In Place Makeup ♥"
  1. Hi Ashleigh,
    You're right, I actually used to work at an EL counter before I started my makeup artistry career and I have to say their formula for double wear was fantastic. The foundation was pigmented enough to even be concealer. I might switch back to this for a daily wear!
    I actually used it before for brides and it covered wonderfully. I only wish that they provided more colours for oriental skin colours, like Asians, Middle Eastern, and the more olive darker skin tones.
    I know a few years back, they discontinued the darker colours :(

    Thank you for your feedback on the recent formulations, I may go back to it!

    1. Helloo, i just recently left Estee Lauder and I must admit that I will always return to their foundation, its just amazing, does everything xx

  2. It sounds amazing but I think it would be too matte on my very dry skin x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. I have very dry skin and it looked really good still x


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