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Rodial, BB Venom Skin Tint! Most of you probably won't of heard of Rodial, it is exclusive and a luxury brand. They do all types of different skin care that sounds bizarre but it is actually amazing. They do serums, to moisturisers, to face masks, to skinny shakes. They have a wide range of different products that suits everyone's needs.

Today I am going to talk about the lovely BB Venom Skin Tint that I was treated to from Laura Powell that is an area manager of Rodial in Harvey Nichols! Such a smart woman and knows a lot about the products and the skin.

The BB range, comes in few different shades, for my skin tone I use "Hamptons"! Blends so nice with my skin, as I am quite olive. Once it is warmed up on the skin and as blended in, it leaves a nice matte finish. When I tried this product it feels lovely, it blends amazing and you can use it in quite a few different ways.

The back says "Rodial's BB venom is a lightweight tinted moisturiser infused with powerful dipeptide, built in SPF 15 protection and designed to provide medium coverage for a flawless and younger-looking complexion. Syn®-ake gives a freeze-like effect to support the reduction of wrinkles whilst instantly plumping expression lines and increasing moisture levels for long-lasting hydration and skin softness."

I think this product is really good when blended with your fingers but you can use a foundation brush if you prefer. I would say I am really happy with this product and would recommend this to pretty much everyone as it is adaptable to skin types. I am not really a BB person but this product is FAB-U-LOUS! So the coverage is medium to full and gives a really good even complexion. It definitely gives a flawless finish. Considering it is a medium to full coverage it looks so natural and not cakey on my skin.

You can apply this on it's own on the skin to get a full coverage or you can apply it with moisturiser and mix the two together to get a tinted moisturiser finish that looks lovely and dewy. You can use it under foundation as well, as a base. You only have to use a really tiny amount, as a little bit spreads a long way.

Remember you can buy this either online or go into a Harvey Nichols near you or try the Manchester store to see the lovely Laura Powell that will give you much more amazing advice.

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