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I managed to get my fingers on this lovely product, the new launch of the 'Rockateur' boxed blush by Benefit. I was so excited for this to be released. I got this gorgeous blush a week before it launched which was lucky.

Rockateur cost me £23.50 so the same as all the other blushers on Benefit. I think this blusher is replacing Dallas, so goodbye to Dallas. So.. This shade is a mix between a highlighter and a blush also, a cream and a powder blush. This colour is a soft golden rose but when applied it is quite of a rosey brown colour. I would use this during Autumn and Winter, much of a warmer shade and quite neutral.

Going into a bit more detail, it is a baked formula so it blends easily on the cheeks. It does look really pigmented in the box but it appears sheer on the skin, it builds really easily though to the intensity you want, no matter how much you apply it will not look over done. Subtle but satin finish with a hint of shimmer. This shade definitely gives your cheeks a pop though. This shade I reckon will suit any skin tone especially if you have a deeper skin tone.

The texture is really soft just like their other blushers if you have tried them but I would say it is just that extra bit softer and velvety. It lasts a long time, throughout the day, don't really need to reapply.

The upsetting news is that compared to the other boxes you get a smaller box! Which is disappointing because you spending the same price of the others but getting less amount. Tut Tut Benefit! I would say that is the only downfall! The same with all the other blush's you get a lovely good quality brush, which is good to carry around with you.

Overall it is a good product and I am in love with it. I don't think I have ever disliked a Benefit product! You can get this at any Benefit Counter or online. What do you think about this blush?

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