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Ladies and (Gents), I was given these lovely lovely lip balms by "Raw Skincare"; her range of skin care products are perfect! As you may know I have extremely sensitive skin and allergic to perfume depending on the brand! These lip balms are a life saver for me, my lips are really sensitive and because the Raw Skincare Lip Balms are 100% natural it is even better for me!

You can buy Raw Skincare products on this website > http://www.raw-skincare.co.uk

I was given "Rescue Me" which is the red packaging! "Hint of Mint" and that one is the green packaging and last but not least is "Ginger" in the yellow packaging! Like I said they are 100% natural and also they do not test on animals which is wonderful news! I will start with "Rescue Me" first because that is definitely my favourite out the three!


"Rescue Me" is my favourite and worked wonders straight away! Because my lips are always chapped or dry, straight away "Rescue Me" nourished and moisturised my lips! I was amazed. it is also a extra intensive lip balm that helps with that everyday damage, such as chapped, dry or even sore! It's full of goodness. The good thing is that the texture doesn't feel greasy and tacky on the lips. When applied my lips felt silky smooth and it is just what my lips needed! I would highly recommend this one if you want or need your lips deeply moisturised and hydrated! It keeps your lips protected throughtout the day also! There is so many benefits in this lipbalm. You can buy this for only £2.98

Next up is "Hint of Mint". The smell is so gorgeous! I love a good mint. It is not overpowering either, perfect amount. When I tried this today my dry lips felt instantly calm and soft. With it being a minty lip balm it has that cooling effect! It protects the lips like the "Rescue Me" lipbalm. Minty goodness is lovely for nourishment! What is a massive bonus for me is that it is not greasy, tacky or sticky, it is a perfect texture! You can purchase this at only £1.98

The last but definitely not least is "Ginger". 100% natural like the other two. I can't explain how much my lips felt nourished and perfect when this was applied! Instantly feel like it does the job! Again it nourishing and works wonders on the moisture! All natural and organic ingredients which makes the ginger smell lovely and again it is not overpowering! Love moisture and the smell of ginger and want your lips to be protected throughout the day then purchase this one at only £1.98!

The website it at the top, if you want to purchase this gorgeous products! These are not pigmented so they appear clear on the lips. She does have other amazing products which I can't wait to try. It is all homemade and as you can see from above that the lip balms are very affordable! I love these and was so happy to receive them and I really thank Raw Skincare for sending me these to try! Really perfect and think you should all buy them!

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  1. These are so cute! Not a bad price either - I think I'll check them out! :) xx

    thriftyskies | beauty and trends ♡

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