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Part three, there is so many questions you have all asked me and I love every question! I will try and squeeze in as many as I can. Ready, set go!

Question One; by celinesecret on instagram.
Would you choose MAC or Benefit if you had to?
That's quite a tricky one because I love different things from both brands. I would probably choose MAC just because they have more variety and colour. Sorry Benefit!

Question Two; by weneedtotalkaboutbecky on instagram.
Which red lipstick is the best?
I have always stood by Russian Red by MAC, perfect red on me and I love the fact that it is a a perfect shade and a perfect matte finish!

Question Three; by emily_daviesx on instagram.
What is your favourite Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter colour?
I have only bought two at the moment but I love love love love Creme Brulee, it is a natural everyday colour that I can wear for work and just anywhere really, but I need to buy a few more to actually have a favourite colour hehe.

Question Four; by eleanorcrunden on instagram.
What's your favourite element and why?
I am guessing you mean elements as in fire, water, air and earth? Interesting question, I would chose water because of many different reasons. I love swimming, I love being in water and being in it for a long time. My star sign in a crab for cancer and that is a water-based creature. So yeah my element would definitely be water.

Question Five; by wondrouslypretty on instagram.
If you could be known for your signature scent, what would it be?
Mmmm, definitely something sweet and fruity, or something with coconut in. I love any fragrances with them sort of smells. Delicious fragrances.

Question Six; by girlyth1ngs on instagram.
If you had to give up one makeup item, what would it be and why? At the moment it would be lipsticks, I haven't been wearing them as much anymore because I can't stick to one shade, I am forever changing my lipstick colour. I have to keep mascara and face things.

Question Seven; by ella21bends on instagram.
Why did you want to create an instagram account?
I seen it was the new craze so I downloaded it to check it out, I had a personal one first for about a week and then I started including makeup and beauty products, and that's why I am here now writing a blog and I have themed account on instagram. I love it!
Thank you for all your lovely questions, bye bye for now!
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