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I love my makeup routine, just because its 15-30 minutes of the day to relax and prepare for my day. I will do a skin care routine in a different post if you like? I love taking time with each step of my makeup routine. It's fun and I enjoy applying makeup! Hope you like my makeup routine and my products that I use.

So below will be a step by step guide of what I do on a typical everyday morning, either going to work or a day shopping. Throughout my days the only thing I would change would be the lip colour probably but everything else stays the same. Of course firstly I would apply my skincare and primer! I have so many different primers it depends on my mood really but I will show you my primers in my skin care routine blog. Oh by the way sorry about my used brushes in the pictures! I do clean them regularly.

Step One; is my foundation! This is the Bobbi Brown's Tinted Moisturising Balm with an SPF 25! It is shade medium because I have that olive skin tone. I apply this with the Real Techniques brush - Face Expert! I believe to make a foundation flawless, you need an amazing brush too! To read about the Real Technique brushes click Here

Step Two; yes it's my concealer! I always apply my concealer after my foundation so I put a correct amount of concealer on my dark circles! I recently bought this concealer from Clinique "All About Eyes" in shade medium, perfect consistency and hides my bad bits really well! After I applied the concealer I use the famous Touche Eclat in shade 01, I mainly use this to highlight my cheek bones, forehead, cupids bow, and just under my eyes a little bit! I use the face expert brush to blend it into my foundation! You can read about Touche Eclat here

Step Three; setting my makeup! I use the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Medium-Light, I think it's called! The shade as rubbed off the bottom. I don't use alot of this when I set it, I just set certain areas like my forehead, chin and maybe a little under my eyes because I like that dewy/glowy finish! I use the big brush from Real Techniques, such a perfect soft bristle brush! Instead of brushing it on my skin, I roll it on my makeup and press it into my skin it is more of a flawless look.

Step Four; you need blusher! I have been going through a phase at the moment and loving that natural looking blush colour! Again I have just recently bought it but I have fell in love with it instantly. MAC Sheen Shimmer Blush in "Sunbasque"! It is gorgeous on. I use the Real Technique Blush Brush and it is so easy to blend on the skin!

Step Five; I don't bronze a lot! I use the "Chanel - Soleil Tan De Chanel" the universal bronzer! I may use it as a bronzer to add a bit of colour if one day, I look quite pale or I sometimes use it as a blusher with the Real Technique Buffing Brush! To read about the beautiful Chanel Universal Bronzer then click here

Step Six; EYEBROWS! If I don't wear makeup when nipping out somewhere, I am guaranteed to put my eyebrows on! Drawing my eyebrows is a must. I use the MAC eyeshadow in "Espresso" it matches my hair colour perfectly and it stays on my hours and hours! The brush I use is from Dior and that is all I know, I pinched this brush from my mum and it is just perfect to use for your eyebrows!

Step Seven; depending on the mood, depends whether I want to put eyeliner on! I used to love liquid liner but then gel eyeliner was introduced to me! Goodbye liquid and hello gel! I have a few I use so which ever I pull out of my draw that is the one I have using! These above are the most used eyeliners! "Stila Smudgepot", "Clinique Gel" and then "Collection 2000 Gel" they all do the same job but Clinique looks more wet than the others when it dries! They last roughly the same amount of hours. I use the Real Technique Detailer Brush to apply the eyeliner! Just to let you know, my eyeliner is a winged look and I do it quite extreme. My eyeliner is my signature look with red lips.

Step Eight; mascara mascara mascara! I have thousands! well not actually thousands, but I have a lot! These are three of my main mascaras I use daily and yes I will use all three each day! I use the "Chanel Waterproof", then "Benefit They're Real" and then last but not least "YSL Babydoll"! Bet your wondering why I use all three! They all do separate things and they work together surprisingly! Chanel Waterproof I use for length! They're Real from Benefit I use after, to make them even longer and fuller! Then I use YSL Babydoll to add more length and to de-clump the lashes! I bought a eyelash curler from Amazon for about £1, I rarely use it. You can read about the "Chanel Waterproof" here

Step Nine; Gorgeous lipsticks! Last and my finally step is my lips! I change these each day! But recently I have been going for the nude colours or just a lipbalm! Here I have the "Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lip Gloss" and "Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee"! I recently received "Raw Skincare" Lip balms and they are purely delicious and I love using these as part of my makeup routine! To read about the Revlon Butters click here or you can read about the Raw Skincare Lip balms here

Hope you enjoyed my makeup routine and please comment if you want to know more or if you want to ask a question! Love you all

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