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I am always on the hunt for new lipsticks, especially bold ones. Candy Yum Yum come along and for months I couldn't order it because it was out of stock and then they stopped selling it and then when it come back it was back out of stock so I was in a massive circle BUT then I managed to get it which made me extremely happy.

Candy Yum Yum is such a bold lipstick and I love a bit of bold, especially when you have quite natural eye makeup look and makes your lips POP! even more.

This lipstick is a matte finish that applies smoothly like a creamy lipstick! The pigmentation is absolutely spot on, it is amazing. So bright and full of colour! I suggest you put one layer on and gives your lips a rub together and apply layer by layer until you get the coverage and colour your happy with.

Although it is a matte lipstick it isn't dry and anything on the lips considering I have dry lips, it is not a problem. It is not hydrating but it doesn't feel dry at all on my lips. This lipstick as a long lasting wear and continuously looks flawless throughout the day! gorgeous right?

My thoughts about this shade is that is is spot on with the pigment and the texture, perfect bright bold pink, if you love bright colours and like to make a statement then this little beauty is perfect for you. It is £14 from MAC, so you can buy it from MAC counter or online if it is in stock, luckily it will be!

As all the other MAC lipsticks the packaging is simple and recognisable! You get a good amount as always. This is going to be in my top favourites lipstick.

I adore Candy Yum Yum but i wouldn't say this colour would be for everyone, give it a try first on a counter or if your friend as one. Love neon colours? Then buy this

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  1. I so wanna buy this but I dont think I'd wear it!


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