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Hello hello hello! Lately I have been on a primer hunt, I do love a good primer! I have had previous primers but I like having new things to try, so I decided to buy these lovely, newly launched super primers from Clinique

I bought three of them because they have all different benefits and effects! Also depending on what you want from the products for example; even skintone, brightness, radiance etc! there is a separate one for each one.

Here is the 'Universal Face Primer'. Completely different texture than the other super primers in the collection. More of a hydrating and a creamy feel and finish. Absorbs really easily in the dry areas of your skin but also provides a tiny bit of moisture for the skin without that greasy finish also. I think this primer is lovely when foundation is applied on top, as it lets the foundation glide easily and provides a good base for the foundation to sit on! The primer makes the foundation non-patchy, much more even skintone on my skin! Also makes it look smooth and silky. It doesn't mattify the foundation which is good for you dewy finish lovers like me!

Above is the "Sallowness" which means it will help if you have an ashy appearance to your skin, needs some life and that bit of flat colour, which I can have on some days! This is a lightweight primer and when I put this on and then a apply foundation it amazed me how flawless the makeup looked! It is oil free so it as that silicone feel & non greasy. Quite a matte finish also. There is no creamy or dewy finish or texture to this one! Smooth and easy to apply on the skin!

Last but not least I got the pink one which is for "Dullness". I always love that extra bit of glow and radiance on my skin so this was really beneficial for me! It does leave the skin looking bright and definitely awake! When foundation is applied it definitely gives that boost of brightness to it! Again it has the same texture as the purple one, that moussey silicone feel! The same again with the purple one, leaves that semi matte feel and look to the skin, but if you don't mind it then its okay!

I would recommend these to everyone, just because there is different primers for different skin types! There is also more than this, six different primers in all, so can definitely find one that will suit your specific needs! Only £20 which I think is fabulous considering some primers can be overly priced. You get a generous amount, only need a pea size amount and spreads a long way! If you want to ask any questions about these products as they are really new then feel free to comment below and sure I could answer them!

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