Body Shop Lip Butters, Mango, Grapefruit & Shea ♥

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One word yummy. Body Shop lip butters are absolutely gorgeous and all of them smell so divine. It was so hard to pick three out of the lot because all of them smell like you want to eat them. I bought "Grapefruit", "Mango" & "Shea Butter".

These lip butters are very cute, the packaging is gorgeous! I remember using these ages ago and they have definitely improved. I think you get a lot more product and looks like they will last a long time. I really need to start to use these a lot more especially throughout winter because I get really dry lips so hoping these will do the trick


These products give a lovely sheen and a lovely smell on my lips. Not a fan of shiny or sticky lips. I love matte finishes and I do like a little bit of shine but the natural shiny look. They are very soft to the touch, definitely buttery and perfect.

Only a little annoying thing is, its hard to get the product out when I have my acrylic nails on, as it is to put my finger in haha, sometimes have to use a cotton bud to get a little bit out of it.


Deliciousness. It is a lightweight texture on the lips and you can barely feel its there, which is brownie points for me as I don't like heavy products on my lips. These make my lips feel healthy and look healthy. If you want supple soft lips, then buy these!

Shea Butter

Hydration is what I need and that is what these do! I love moisturised lip balms. You can buy these for £4 at any Body Shop but I got a deal 3 for 2 which was really good! I love them little deals you get, but sometimes it makes you buy more than what you actually need.

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  1. These used to be my favorites!!
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for details.



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