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Afternoon gorgeous girls (& gents if your reading this). Sadly my acrylics have gone, I was pretty impressed. £20 and they lasted five weeks, but rest in peace. I get emotional when I don't have my acrylics on, I feel naked and I know this might sound really silly but I think I have quite boy-ish hands because ever since I was little my nails don't really grow, but ah well good job for acrylics

Thought I would show you my painted nails I have just done with "Barry M Hi-Shine" in Grapefruit, gorgeous colour and then I had some glitter on my fourth nail just to give some sparkle. I have work tomorrow so they needed to be painted.

Just to let you know you can buy these nail varnishes, online, in boots or superdrug!

2 comments on "Acrylic Off ♥"
  1. Love these:D what is the glitter? It's gorgeous! xx

    1. It's from Barry M the glitter, its like a light pink colour. Forgot the name as the sticker come off haha..


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