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It's been a Stila fulfilled day and alot of blogs lucky lucky, well I am going to do a review about the Stila Eyeshadow Palette called "In The Garden", just to say it is lovely and quite different to the other Stila palettes, I have previously wrote about the Stila "In The Light" Palette which you can review here

Sorry about the lighting in these photos, my room was extremely bright

The review on this palette will be pretty much the same as the "In The Light" palette. It is a gorgeous palette and the colours are just super gorgeous. Words can't really describe this lovely palette! Each eyeshadow is unique, long lasting and highly pigmented. The texture is ultra soft and very blendable!

All these shades are soft, dainty colours! Again you can make an everyday look with these and then make turn them into a dramatic night time look. The shades would suit every skintone and everyone I think.

Not only do you get 10 eyeshadows, you get a waterproof smudgestick in the shade "Starfish", I love these smudgesticks, just because they are so versatile and you can do whatever you want with it, how you want it. Also you get a cute little booklet to show you different eye looks and how to do it as well.

"In The Light" palette as a mirror and this palette doesn't but this palette as the shade names displayed underneath the eyeshadows and "In The Light" had them written on the back. So I think they changed the packaging slightly. Now I have these two, I may have to purchase "In The Moment" palette now which would be interesting as I don't really wear them colours but there is always room to experiment!

This palette is the same price, £25.00, if you like neutral colours but like to add a bit more colour here and there, then this is a purchase you have to make.

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  1. I'm really considering getting a palate like this ! What would you recomend for my first one, naked or stila ?

    1. most definitely stila, its better value for money, you get lovely pigmented colours you should either get this palette or the "In The Light" palette from Stila, absolutey gorgeous colours!


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