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Question and Answer blog part two, so many questions but could only pick a few, maybe next time. I might do it like a monthly thing, not quite sure because don't want to do to many but here goes, you may know me a bit better after these and some of the questions I got this time were quite peculiar. Anyway here goes..

Question One; by emilydenner on instagram.
Do you like One Direction?
I had to answer this and I may lose followers from this but just to get it out there, I really dislike them and plus I think they are kind of over-rated, there music isn't what I really listen to anyway. Sorry girls but I'm definitely not their biggest fan haha

Question Two; by asdfghjklpoppy on instagram.
What inspired you to start a theme?
Nothing inspired me really to do a theme, it just sort of happened. When I started instagram, I didn't really see any themed accounts and I love showing reviews on makeup and things like that, just did it off my own back really and thought ay lets make a makeup account haha!

Question Three; by rubymae_x on instagram.
If you could only buy clothes from one store what shop would you chose?
Oh mmm, you know what probably Riverisland possibly, just because I do prefer their clothes to other stores and they have really nice shoes and handbags, but then again I found a cute little boutique near my house which I really like recently, so this is a difficult question to answer!

Question Four; by georgiarosex on instagram.
What is your dream career?
Well I don't know what I fully want to do yet, but I would love a career in either blogging in magazines sort of journalist side for beauty and makeup but deep down I have always wanted to something that involves biology or healthcare about the body. I studied Anatomy and Physiology in college along side Beauty Therapy and thats when I realised I love learning about the body and so I have always wanted to pursue a career that involves health needs or to study the body. GEEK alert!

Question Five; by blue_manq0s on instagram.
What type of olive would you be; a green one or a black one?
This question made me giggle just because it is so random! But unfortunately I hate olives, the texture and taste just eurgh! If I was to be an olive I would be a green, just because I have been told they taste nicer. Yuck!

Question Six; by maddyslittleworld on instagram.
If you could only use three makeup products, what would they be?
I knew the answer as soon as you asked, I would definitely have Chanel's waterproof mascara in black because makes your eyelashes look ahhhh-mazing. I would need my eyebrows haha, MAC's eyeshadow in espresso and then a good colour blusher/bronzer for my cheeks!

Question Seven; by theperkofbeingrachx on instagram.
Most repurchased beauty item?
I don't really know, probably would be Benefit's They're Real mascara, think I have bought it three times. Can you blame me? It's such a good product!

Question Eight; by flouwacy on instagram.
Favourite/most used perfume?
BRONZE GODDESS by Estee Lauder. my absolute favourite by far. The summer coconut smell is perfection. It is such a shame it only comes out in summer because by winter I have finished it! Then again Sensuous Nude by Estee Lauder is as close as your going to get, because that one has coconut too. Mmm lovely

Thank you for all your questions! Sorry I didn't answer yours, there is always a next time! Mwah

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