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Thought I would do a Q&A post, just so I can interact and talk to you lovely followers! Also I did this because it looks like a good post to write about and it would be interesting, if it goes well might make it a monthly thing yay .. I am going to do roughly eight questions, but knowing me, could end up being fifteen!

Here goes..

Question One; by blossomdrop on instagram.
Do you have any pets?
Yeah, I have two! I have my little black scottish terrier called Floyd & I have a water dragon which is a lizard that I keep in my bedroom called Ieri (i-ri) it is like a Jamaican name haha! I have quite a funny video where my puppy comes into my room and sees my lizard in the tank and barks and runs away haha.. silly puppy!

Question Two; by itsgeorgiapaige on instagram.
What's your favourite MAC shade of lipstick?
Mmm that's a hard one! I have to many shades that I love but I have a few favourites, but I think my all time favourite would be Snob! Such a lovely girly bright pink. Although I do love Russian Red & Rubywoo!

Question Three; by houseofbari on instagram.
What's your favourite brand for palettes?
Well I haven't got that many palettes to be honest, have a few MAC but at the moment I like the Stila palettes, I have "In the light" & "In the garden" palette, they are neutral, bronze, greeny palettes! The pigment is really good and they last a long time too!

Question Four; by jodie_weston on instagram.
What are your top five all time beauty must haves?
Oo that's such a good question haha it's going to be difficult to answer because I have so much stuff but I think of it has, what things do I always have to use everyday! Right so i will do it in two parts, because beauty could mean makeup or skincare, so for makeup part. I have to have MAC mineralize concealer, They're Real mascara from Benefit & Chanel waterproof mascara, currently loving the Sleek triple contour/bronze palette and I can't say a foundation because I have to many favourites so my fifth and final top beauty must have is going to be the Espresso eyeshadow from MAC that I use to fill in my eyebrows, I wouldn't know what I would without that product!

Beauty wise, I need my Clinique Facial Soap in extra mild, Clarifying Lotion 1 and the Dramatically different lotion! I love Superdefense moisturiser from Clinique! I definitely need my MAC fix+ spray is a must have and last but not least MAC volcanic exfoliator!

Question Five; by freebirdsoul on instagram
Are YSL lipsticks worth the money?
No not at all, I don't think any lipstick is worth than £20, even that is to high! I do think YSL lipsticks are really good quality but not for £23-£24.50? I do love YSL's colour range though!

Question Six; by idk_its_sophie on instagram
What item of makeup could you not live without
Oooo tricky, probably mascara as long as my eyebrows were waxed haha! Couldn't live without mascara..

Question Seven; by isabellekellyxx on instagram
What is your favourite drugstore and high street makeup brand?
Mmm drugstore makeup would have to be Rimmel&Maybelline for mascaras and bits and bobs and my high street would be probably MAC and Estee Lauder as I work for them haha!

Question Eight; by annewillx
When did you start getting into makeup? & What was your first high street makeup purchase?
I have always enjoyed makeup since I can remember but it started when I was 17/18 and it got obsessive and I kept buying loads and loads of makeup just constantly haha! I am still obsessed now, I would buy it if it looks pretty and I don't actually intend to use it :| haha oops. & my first was MAC lipstick in Snob and it is still my favourite!

Thank you for all your interesting questions, next month hope theres more, love you all amigas
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