Maybelline Baby Lips "Pink Punch" Moisturising Lip Balm ♥

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So I finally did it, I purchased the craze of the Baby Lips by Maybelline. Everywhere I look these are there, its madness! I only bought one for now til' payday just so I know that they are a good product and not just buying it for the hype! I purchased "Pink Punch" which has been the mostly recommended scent and shade.

When I was just buying the one, it was so hard to pick which one, they are looked amazing and colourful!

I'm going to talk about the scent first of all, "Pink Punch" is gorgeous! It is strong as well and as soon as you take the lid off it just smells amazing. Once you apply the scent does fade, good thing that I do like it isn't flavoured as some lip balms that are scented you can taste it too!

The lip balms are tinted slightly, I bought "Pink Punch" because I was told it was more pigmented. It is really pretty and quite bright considering it is a lip tint. What I have noticed is that the colour fades after an hour so but for £2.99 I think this product is really good!

When you apply the lip balm it feels lovely and soft! It feels moisturising and silky, does not feel waxy or sticky at all which I am really happy about. No greasy feel to it as well. It has a slight glossy shine to the finish which is really pretty. Maybelline have used "Baby Lips" name because apparently it gives you them baby soft lips but with this lip balm been on for a few hours I do feel like I need to scrub and clean my lips. For them baby soft lips you have to reapply probably few times a day to get what you want. But for £2.99 can't really fault the price, you get what you paid for but overall I do like this product apart from it doesn't last very long.

The packaging I think looks quite young, and would attract the younger people rather than young adults onwards. Reminds me of something you would get in a child's magazine or something although it is cute and bright which can be eye catching especially for me, I have a weakness to cute and bright packaging!

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