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Just a little story before I write about this beautiful fragrance, I actually won this fragrance in my work, I did 110% over my week target on counter and the store was doing incentives and they said I was allowed a full size fragrance tester, so I managed to get a full size 'Daisy' by Marc Jacob fragrance how amazing

This perfume is so lovely, most people I know love this perfume! It smells so natural and light, I love that it is a subtle scent but it lasts for absolutely ages! For such a light fragrance it stays on for hours. I prefer fragrances that are light and delicate rather than strong, statement perfumes.

It is a young and fresh fragrance, very feminine but not in a sexy way. I love that it is so easy to wear and just a really nice smell. It's slightly fruity with a hint of floral. Wild strawberry, grapefruit yum & then with some violet leaves, jasmine and gardenia! Such a lovely blend and sheer. Its quite interesting that an actual daisy flower hasn't really any scent to it. Although this perfume does a lovely job of thinking that a daisy would smell like this perfume, with it's lightness, summer scent. I do love that it has a hint of vanilla too, I do love me some vanilla.

I absolutely adore the packaging, it is perfection. So pretty and girly and the bottle alone would attract me to purchase it.

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  1. I definitely need to get this :) thanks for the review ♡

    Xoxo, Annika



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