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Coral, don't you love the colour in summer? if you live in the UK, we have few days of summer and then we are back to rubbish weather the few days we have coral looks amazing in the sun, do you agree?

Welcome to my favourite blush, Coralista by Benefit. This blusher is definitely in my top three of my blusher range!

I would describe this has tropical coral blush, and very suitable for all skin tones throughout spring and summer, although I do wear this all year round!

Let's start off with the packaging, it is absolutely gorgeous! I love Benefit's blusher boxes, they are cute, quirky and very eye catching for customers. I think Benefit have done a good job designing there products to attract people, I fall in that category, if it looks good I'll buy it without a doubt! You do get a good amount, because it lasts such a long time, had it nearly a year and I can just see a tiny dot of the pan, considering I use it everyday!

I am the most clumsiest person to when it comes to dropping things I have dropped this blusher so many times, and it's strong packaging as protected it, not one chip or smash! Perfect!

You get a perfect little blush with each Benefit blusher, quite a good quality brush too! It is really good size to use

Let's get on with the colour! It is a coral pink, sort of a mid toned coral that as a perfect balance of pink and orange. It does have a slight golden shimmer finish to it. Everyone you really need to purchase Coralista for your makeup collection, it's just to perfect not to have!

You can purchase this at any Benefit counter for £23.50, which i think is a quite price but quite cheap compared to other makeup brands. I don't think I have heard this product being poop. It is definitely a flawless blusher
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