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There's nothing wrong with having some chubby on your lips. So today I am going to talk about these beautiful silky lip products by Clinique. I think the product name "Chubby Sticks" is catchy, the colours are perfection and the packaging is pretty. These are the little beauts.

So theres the cute pink one which is "Curvy Candy" and this is a normal chubby stick and then theres "Heftiest Hibiscus" which is a gorgeous coral-red and its an intense version, which has a lot more pigment.

Sorry about the look of the Chubby Sticks, they have been used and also I don't know why one has ended up pointy and one is round, must be the way I apply them haha

I'l start with Curvy Candy. It is a lovely sheer pink coloured lipstick but with a lipbalm texture. It is very moisturising on the lips and the colour stays true throughout the day. Even when you eat and drink, the colour stays on and your lips stay silky soft. I love natural lips and this is definitely a natural product to have in your makeup bag. The good thing about these is that you can build up the colour to how you want it.

Next up is Heftiest Hibiscus. This is part of the Chubby Stick Intense collection, just means that they have alot more pigment like a lipstick but it still is a lipbalm. Again it has very good moisturising benefits, especially if you have dry lips. If I wear a lipstick with dry lips, it looks horrible and it bleeds, but with the chubby sticks its like a skincare but makeup in one. This colour is quite fluorescent and bright and looks gorgeous in the summer.

The packaging is like a big pen, easy to carry & sturdy. You twizzle it up and down to get the product out and in. I have dropped this quite a lot, clumsy me & it has not broke or anything which is probably the most important thing with products! You get a good amount of product and because it is long-wearing, it lasts you such a long time.

I would definitely recommend both types of Chubby Sticks and every single shade to everyone. You can buy these at £17 at any Clinique counter or on their own website.

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