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I am a really big fan of Chanel, every product I have bought from Chanel as been really good and just done exactly what I want it to do. You can't really fault Chanel to be honest since the price of the products, they are not allowed to fault haha! I love everything about Chanel, the logo, the packaging and the quality they put in their makeup.

Tonight I am going to write about the Universal Bronzer, it looks delicious! I have tried it before in the past and now I finally bought it. It took a while to buy just because of the price. It cost me £31.50! Ah well it is worth it I think.

This product as two names, it is known has Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base or Universal Bronzer. I prefer to call it Universal Bronzer, because it as a better flow to it. Anyways my lovelies, a bit more about the product. It is a tricky product to to work with and had people ask me how you use it.

It is a creamy-mousse texture bronzer that suits all skin types, skin tones and can be used to either as a base, bronzer or to wear instead of a foundation, I have also noticed you can use it to contour if you like. Depending on your skin tone, depends on how much to want to apply. The finish is quite matte but really nice and does give a radiant glow considering it is matte. You can see very subtle shimmer and shine in the light which I thought is quite impressive, because I do love some shimmer on my face!

I was quite worried to use this, just because of the fact it is a cream product. Usually I don't like cream products on my makeup because it never seems to go right but this product works wonders and sits on my makeup really well! You can make it look so natural looking like a bronzer powder! This product looks so nice like you have been in the sun for a couple of days and caught a natural tan without looking orange hmm perfect right? A buffing brush or kabuki brush is probably the best for application.

I would recommend this product to everyone and every age, definitely universal in my eyes. Just a little pricey! If you were to buy it online it only lets you buy one per customer which I think is a bit mean! You can buy this at any Chanel counter near you! I got mine from Harvey Nichols in Manchester.

3 comments on "Chanel - Soleil Tan De Chanel - Universal Bronzer Makeup Base ♥"
  1. Ive wanted this for so long but ive never actually got it because of the price, but now you have convinced me!

    1. it is such a perfect product, and now I have a big size, I can use it everyday!

  2. Hi, I love your blog and I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog post about it and carry the chain on :)


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