Best purchases from MAC (Part 1) ❤

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Hello there beauts, I posted a picture on instagram about what would you like to read on my blog, and @brittanyrosa come such a good idea and I knew I would enjoy writing about it! So here it is, it is just about some products that I would re-purchase and I will do another seperate blog about products I wouldn't re-purchase personally.

There is only really main two products I would really really purchase from MAC again! I will do a part two soon, just because there is quite a few things I would buy again from MAC

MAC Fix+ plus spray, probably the best purchase from MAC ever! It's the most versatile product and you might already know a bit about this if you use it and it's just so refreshing and the smell is beautiful!

Heres the ways I use the Fix+ spray

Mostly I use this as a setting spray, that is it's well known use. All you do is spray it all over your makeup when finished and it will set your makeup into place and make it last that little bit longer. If you find you make up is a bit to powdery or cakey, just simply spray this and it will fix it and make it look more glowing and dewy-er! It does pretty much what it says on the tin there.

Also you can spray this on the face after you have finished your skin care just before you apply the foundation for that extra hydration for the skin. This acts like a base to prepare for foundation if you leave it to dry or instantly apply your foundation for a lighter coverage.

Or for a simple use, just use it as a cooling hydration spray, throughout the day and during the night, it doesn't really hold any skin care benefits but certainly does the trick to cool you down and add hydration.

Sorry about that waffle, I wanted you all to know what a fabulous product can do

Next up, another favourite and would re-purchase is.. there lipstick range!

MAC's lipstick range, is amazing! There colour, pigment, finishes are perfect. They have such a wide range, that no matter how many I buy there will never be a finish buying them all because there is always new colours being launched. The only thing is that most shades are similar so my lipstick collection has pretty much the same colours!

I think the price for these lipsticks are pretty reasonable, the prices vary from £12.50 to £14.50 for limited edition! The sizes are good and they last so long! I have had probably several lipsticks I use all the time, have lasted me more than a year, it's just amazing!!
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