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Hi there thought I would post a something a little different and post outfit of the day that I wore the other day to a afternoon/dinner meal

I will start with the top half, I wore a pink lace peplum top with a white vest underneath, it's a gorgeous pink pastel colour, a perfect top for a bright day and it is infact from Primark, can't remember the price exactly, could of been £6-8 off the top of my head! Because it was lace I wore a white vest underneath so it wasn't revealing.

Bottom half, I wore H&M Skinny white jeans that I have had for quite a while, can't remember the price but they are a gorgeous fit and just perfect colour to wear on a bright day! For my shoes they are Kurt Geigers, I have had these for two years would you believe and they are still in perfect condition! They are a beige colour and it broke up the colour of wearing white, and that's why I used my beige-ish bag that my lovely boyfriend bought me for christmas by Fiorelli!

You can tell I can't really talk about fashion tehe! More of a makeup person than a fashion one! But I just really liked this outfit and thought I would share it with you all!

2 comments on "Just a little hello! ❤"
  1. This is a really cute outfit, and you look gorgeous as always!

  2. check out my blog & follow if you like :)



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