Steppin' Out - MAC Dazzleglass ❤

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I love pink and I love MAC but I am not really a big fan of lip glosses, just because I find them to sticky on my lips BUT I will make an exception with the dazzleglass.

This colour is Steppin' Out in Dazzleglass, they do come in a wide variety of colours but I chose Steppin' Out because of it's bright baby pink with sparks of warm gold glitter. This colour will suit ANY skin tone. It has exceptional shine to it and it is beautiful! It doesn't feel heavy or sticky unless you put loads on then of course it will feel like that

I really like lip glosses, when it has a brush tip rather than a sponge one, just because when I apply it, you can use it precisely on the lips, less likely to smudge on the lips.

This lipgloss is hydrating and moisturising on the lips suprisingly, in the past when I have bought lip glosses, some of been quite drying on the lips and irritated them but this Dazzleglass asn't doing any of these but I love about it!

Not much to say about this lipgloss, it's just really good and I would recommend these lip glosses for anyone especially this colour!

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  1. I may have to give this a try; I as well tend to shy away from lipglosses but the fact that this has a brush applicator and isn't very sticky makes me want to try it! xx


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