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I finally bought the real techniques brushes, and WOW are they amazing. I thought MAC and all other brands were the good quality but until I found these, nothing will beat them! I found out about these brushes on reviews and instagram, heard such good reviews so thought I would buy some! These are affordable and just something everyone needs in there makeup collection.

The thing I love about these brushes that they are synthetic taklon bristles, dense and they do not shed hair. They don't bleed any colour when you clean them. Most important thing for me when buying brushes is the shedding hair and how they blend on my skin. Another great thing is that they are super soft on my skin, I love it!

I like the idea that these can stand up, so I can stand them on my dressing table and looks pretty or I put them in my makeup pot and they stand up perfectly!

When using the brushes, they put the makeup on so effortlessly and flawless! I like the how fabulous they are and most the brushes are multitasking too! If you want to achieve a PRO finish without being an expert, these are the brushes you need!

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  1. I've been debating on getting these brushes....but now I really want them. Like now.


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