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This lovely foundation come to a shock to me, think you may all know by now I love my full coverage foundations and when I bought the Bobbi Brown Skin foundation, I was impressed with myself that I loved having a natural sheer finish so I bought this "MAC face and body"

The reason I bought this foundation is because I wanted a foundation that just added a tint to my skin, because I wanted a foundation that was specific for my lazy day. Easy to apply, didn't look heavy, something to nip into the town centre sort of makeup you get the gist. Well this is perfection, it is just what I want in a lazy day makeup. The best bit about it, is that it is 120ml, and it is about £26|£27.. Amazing price or what

It is a lightweight foundation, water based and is so breathable on the skin. It is quite comfortable on my skin especially when I have such dry skin, it's a struggle to make my skin look flawless and feel comfortable! It is a sheer coverage but you will be surprised that it is actually really good to build up. It gives the most natural look to the face than the other MAC foundations available out there.

A little tip if you have oily skin type, I advise you to set this foundation with a setting powder

It comes in a squeezy tube packaging which is quite easy to apply but it is very runny fluid and can be quite messy. This foundation is probably the runniest formula out there, it's like water.. but magic starts to happen as soon as it works into your skin, the more you blend the thicker it will become and more coverage you have.

It's magic I tell you

Do you have that problem with your foundation in photo's on a night out or any occasion, and you fear when flash of a camera appears? Well I do! Some foundations can make me look like casper the friendly ghost BUT not with MAC face and body! It is gorgeous in photo's, it gives you a healthy and glowing looking skin! Theres no white ghostly faces or patches! Just great looking skin..

It is a water based formula foundation so do give it a good shake
This is my own opinion but may not be right on everyones skin but I do recommend it without a doubt but definitely get a sample first

Until next time lovelies!
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