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Finally. I have a blog, please excuse the messy design at this moment in time. It's been requested from a few of you that I should make a blog, so hope your happy people! I can't do all this HTML and design stuff so you will have to bare with me please, if any of you would be happy to help then come forward..

So basically this blog will be about purchases, reviews on makeup and beauty and maybe a few makeup tutorials&looks. So thank you to all you lovely people that have told me I should blog and convinced me that I can do it, finally got the courage to do it. I may waffle a lot and become quite random during the posts.

"I like kiwi's and pineapples"

Just a little bit about me, I am nearly 21 in two months (extremely excited)! I work for Estee Lauder in a Harvey Nichols store, which I love love love but having a makeup addiction working on a beauty counter on a beauty floor full of amazing brands, it doesn't help my addiction! Constantly buying the latest makeup.

1 comment on "& The blog begins"
  1. I love your blog, even if you have only just begun it!

    I have a question, I hope you don't mind? I want to become a makeup artist, and I begin training next month, but I really would like a part time job at a makeup counter. I have retail experience, as i worked in Next for a year, but i wondered if they are looking for trained makeup professionals? Or would my current experience and desire for makeup be enough to land me a job with say Estee Lauder?

    Thankyou! I am currently working on trying to start a blog myself so yours is really inspirational! :)



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