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A bizarre product that I bought, not something I would usually buy but I was in my Estee Lauder staff shop and I found this product, it caught my eye because it was so pretty!

It's called "Azalea Blossom" a ombre mix of a pinky and lilac shade. I would class it has a light cool pink. While this blush looks pretty, I wouldn't of bought it full price if I seen it at the MAC counter. I believe it was only a USA|Canada product that finally got shipped to the UK but didn't sell well over here, so I was lucky getting this.

Considering this was a MAC product, personally I found it being a lack of pigmentation, don't know whether it was my skin tone or skin type but I have read other reviews and read the same about this blusher. It doesn't build as well as other MAC blushers do. I feel with this product I need to keep swirling my brush around the blush and dig it in to get the even slightest colour on my brush, also it fades quite quickly to.

When I finally get enough colour on the brush and onto my cheeks is seems to disappear and look like a light, very light pink, reminds me of Dandelion from Benefit cosmetics.

It can stay in my makeup draw and look pretty for the time being.

Speak soon amigas!
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