10 random facts about me

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Didn't quite want to go overboard with the facts, didn't want you getting bored so I chose to do 10 rather than 20. Feel free and curious to comment who you want to ask anything.. I do have that ask.fm website if you rather pop on there.

Anyway here goes my lovely jubblies!

In no particular order

1). I am an only child and people instantly think I am spoilt and get everything I want, yes it partly true but now that I am 21 nearly, I don't get that treatment much anymore unless I am a lucky bunny and my parents are in a good mood but really I need to be independent and learn to be without but with my makeup addiction that may not work and could possibly get withdrawal symptoms I have always wanted a older|younger sister though..

2). Touch wood but I am a eczema sufferer and luckily because it is spring|summer time, I don't currently have it because of the UVA|UVB from the sun prevents it. Not finished there, I am an asthmatic, nut allergy sufferer (Yes I have to check all ingredients or I could die, dramatic yes) I have hypothyroidism so basically I get fatter quicker and lose fat slower than a normal person would..

3). I hate my height, I am 5ft 7 and have size 7 feet. Bet you are all reading this and thinking I am some lanky monster big footed female, well I'm not, I hope I want knee surgery so I can become to about 5ft 4|5, just think the smaller you are, the more feminine you look.. Weird? NO yes I am..

4). I am dizzy person, quite clumsy a lot of the time. Walk into things often and has my dad says I am a blonde in disguise some people take that has an insult but I don't. Doesn't help that I am heavy handed, I don't realise my strength and therefore careless and break things easily.. oops

5). Happy fact; I have been with my gorgeous boyfriend over two years now and words couldn't describe how happy I am, he's like a best friend, boyfriend and a soulmate all in one person. We have so much bizarre and crazy things in common, its just amazing! I love him so much and many years to come.

6). I work in a posh store called Harvey Nichols, it's such a lovely store to work in. Feels like a big family. I started there when I was 18 on Clinique for two years which was my very first job and now I work for Estée Lauder in the same store, funnily enough it's opposite the Clinique counter as well. Estée Lauder is the best company I have worked for, its lovely and I can achieve goals with this company!

7). I have a bad habit of impulse buying, if I like it.. I am guaranteed to buy it.

8). I maybe one of the most random person you will meet or speak to, I forever act and speak random, but that makes me. It's unexpected and even I don't know when this randomness will appear. I love cookies

9). Summer baby, July the 2nd which makes me a Cancer. I love that it has never rained on my birthday, no doubt I have jinxed that now with it being english weather. Anyway I believe in zodiac and horoscopes only because when Cancer's are described, it has me written all over it.

10). Last but not least my last fact about me is.. I talk too much. This is why I shall leave you all to it, now you know a bit about me.

Goodbye chickens, but not for long!
5 comments on "10 random facts about me"
  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I love your randomness. We are quite similar and have the same birthday too! Yay for July 2! I've been a fan of your photos on Instagram so I'm looking forward to your future blog posts as well. Don't forget to add a GFC or Bloglovin button so that everyone can follow you and keep up with your blog :)

    <3 Ash

    1. How do you add a GFC button? This is all new to me and thank you so much that is so lovely of you! Thank you & I shall follow you now :)

    2. Thanks for following my blog, Ashleigh :)
      Here's a video for how to add the GFC button:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzUUWAP9kZU
      It's called Followers on the listing, and you might have to look closely for it I believe. Let me know if you need more help ;)


  2. I'm 5ft 7 too with size 7 feet and I hate it! My ideal height would be 5ft 2! I think the smaller people are the more feminine they look too!

    Emma-Louise xx


    1. I hate it, I wish I was that tiny bit smaller I would be happy, my legs are just too long. I am a giant :'( cry.


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