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Luxury For Princess Hair ♥

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Can't believe it is the 31st of December! Happy New Year everyone and I hope you end 2013 with joy and enter the new year with much more happiness. I thought I would end the year with an amazing hair post today!

I was kindly sent these perfect 220grams hair extensions by Luxury For Princess. All what I am saying is 100% true and honest opinions. I have never had such perfect remi hair. I have been on the hunt for a few years for a decent pack of clip-in hair extensions because every girl loves to dress up, have long silky locks and make herself feel like a princess right? I certainly do and when I received these early December I could not wait to try them.

You may be wondering if you haven't wore clip in's before! Well what are they? It is just a quick way and the most easiest way without damage especially to add length to your natural hair or even thickness! It takes no effort at all, just simple section your hair and clip in! Simple.

Ashleigh, you also mentioned Luxury For Princess Remi hair, what's that? Well it is one of the highest and best quality hair out there that is 100% real hair and the cuticles of the remi hair are kept intact to ensure that the hair remains super soft and also no knots and tangles! Also with remy hair you are able to style it like you would on your own hair and also dye it too!

Previous extensions that I have tried didn't last me that long but I can see with Luxury For Princess hair that these will last me for a year or more! I will take care of these beauties and make sure they are always silky smooth and give them a good conditioning every few weeks has I don't wear them all the time because I do wake up at early hours in the mornings haha! After a few weeks of having them, Luxury For Princess recommended a drop of Argan Oil once a week to keep them nourished! To keep them even longer, make sure to use heat protector spray or serum before applying any sort of heat.

I am a proud owner of these and will be a Luxury Princess fan forever! They give me 220grams which is a lot of hair and because my hair is fine, I don't have to or need to use the others but definitely worth the money if you was to purchase the 220grams because I know have spare in case anything was to happen or even if my hair got too old!

These hair extensions quality definitely finish any hair look! WOW-factor, gives your volume, length, thickness and of course bounce! Treat yourselves to these for the new year and make yourself feel and look like a princess!

Visit Luxury For Princess now for the best deals and also grab it before it's out of stock! I can see these being high demand very soon!

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My Best Foundation Purchases of 2013 ♥

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It's the New Years Eve Eve, can't believe it is two days til 2014! That is quite scary because this year has gone really fast and I would say I have learned and achieved so much through this year including this blog that I am really proud of and it wouldn't of happened if it wasn't for you lovely people!

Since it is the end of a lovely year thought I would share my thoughts on the beautiful foundation I have purchased through 2013! These are foundations I would repurchase again and hope they don't become discontinued or I would be very sad. In the picture I am going to work my way from left to right and tell you the key benefits and what I love about these products. Keep reading to find out more hehe!

MAC Face and Body foundation is beautiful! Even though I like my full coverage foundations, throughout this year I have started to love the natural sheer coverage! This is quite a magical product because when applied it does look like a tinted moisturiser but as soon as you start to buff the foundation in your skin and has it warms to your skin it turns thicker and into a more medium coverage! It is certainly magic. If you want your face to look flawless, radiant and have that healthy glow then go purchase yourself this lovely water based foundation. Do you remember you have to give it a good shake.

Another sheer coverage foundation Bobbi Brown Skin foundation! Such a silky lightweight formula! I fell in love with this foundation instantly! It is perfect for all skin types I would say, so it is adaptable to everyones needs! Very easy to work with and just a wonderful product all year round!

Gorgeous Chanel! You can't go wrong with Chanel Vitalumiere, one of my top top foundation of all times! This is actually the best foundation I have ever tried and if you have dry skin and want that dewy finish then get your hands on this! Any skin type I think can wear it but might need a little powder to set it if you have oilier skins. I would say it is a medium coverage makeup and makes your skin look natural with the right amount of coverage and evens out any skintone to make it look flawless!

A newly favourite, Revlon Photoready Foundation and it comes with a primer too. I am really happy this foundation didn't affect my sensitive skin because it is really lovely! Fragrance free which is a massive bonus. This is in all drugstores and suggest you buy it. It gives most people a really good finish in videos and photos I believe. Smooth dreamy texture, buildable, lasts all day and your skin looks flawless, what more would you want? Right amount of coverage to hide imperfections but look natural!

Last but oh not least! Stila Stay All Day foundation & concealer! Such a handy product to carry round with you or if your going traveling just because it has the matching shade concealer with it which is super amazing! Even though the formula is thick, when you apply it, it is quite light but definitely gives 100% coverage. It covers up any imperfections you may have and that is guaranteed! The formula is also very creamy so it doesn't look drying on us dry ladies! The pigment in this product is lovely and spot on. I can't not include this in my top purchases because it looks fab on and makes you look really airbrushed and gorgeous!

Hope you enjoyed my top 2013 foundations! What's yours?

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The last #askashleighbeauty of 2013 ♥

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Just want to say a massive thank you for the support on my instagram account @/ashleighbeauty, I can't believe I have 15'000 followers, that is actually insane. Since I am back to work now and don't have time to do little Q&A treats for you has often so I thought I would do the last #askashleighbeauty of the year! I will try and fit in as many questions of yours on here.

Question One;
Products that aren't worth the hype? by elliekeenexo on instagram.
They are still good products has I don't say anything negative on my blog! The products that I think were over hyped this year would be the Maybelline Baby Lips. I purchased four of them and I don't think they were worth the hype has they are just an ordinary lip balm with colour! Also the Bourjois Paris Bronzing Primer which I purchased a few months ago and I thought it was really good but definitely not the hype that it received.

Question Two;
What's your favourite Lush Bath Bomb? by elliem0rgan on instagram.
Oh deary me! I can't choose one.. Lush Bath Bombs are all my favourite. I love the Cocoa Butter Ball one because it does feel so when my eczema does flare up but apart from that I honestly can't choose a favourite haha.

Question Three;
What makeup brushes would you recommend? by gracelansbury on instagram.
I love and will always recommend Real Techniques, you can purchase these in Boots, Superdrug or online! They are beautiful and no matter how many times you wash them, they stay in perfect condition all the time and they sure do make your makeup look flawless!

Question Four;
What is your favourite perfume? by shaunadainty on instagram.
I love Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder, it is the perfect coconut with vanilla! Smells like holidays. It is a yearly limited edition and I suggest you have a smell when it comes back next year!

Question Five;
What has been your favourite of the year? by floralwishes on instagram.
I loved Gravity and World War Z, they were amazing! I loved the films so much because they were so interesting and kept me on my toes! You should definitely watch them.

Question Six;
What tips do you have for people just getting into makeup? by lillijamesxox on instagram.
I think starting off little and then building up a collection, have what your skin needs rather than what you want! If you have clear skin then don't wear a foundation especially at a young age under 15'16! I think if your just getting started is to go for the natural look!

Question Seven;
What is your new years resolution? by ninetynjne on instagram.
My new years resolution is to lose weight and tone up and be much more healthier than I have been in this year! Feel better about myself inside and out. Also make something from my beauty|makeup blogging! Inspire people to do what they love.

Thank you for all your questions, they were so much fun and lovely to read but only able to squeeze in a few but I chose questions that I haven't really answered before and not similar from my previous #askashleighbeauty posts!

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My Top Benefit Purchases of 2013 ♥

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Well I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and managed to hit the sales on Boxing day! Not been posting over Christmas so I apologise for that, but thought I would have a break over Christmas and come back. I got my Nikon D3200 camera from my parents which you may already know about from my previous posts. Anyway thought I would tell you about my top Benefit products that I purchased in 2013! I absolutely love Benefit and I hope they have more amazing products launched in 2014!

With there being a new camera there is also a newish theme that may happen on my blog has you can see in the picture above it is slightly different. Getting off the subject there hehe sorry! I will work my way through from top to bottom of the picture. The first favourite is Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation which is one of Benefit's favourite foundations, it's absolutely flawless and looks really radiant on the skin, super light weight so it feels like I am wearing nothing at all! If you want more of a review it Click Here

Next up is a BIG favourite of mine and it is Coralista boxed blusher and I did use this throughout the year but especially Summer! Gorgeous summer blusher. It's a coral with a very subtle gold shimmer which looks amazing on any skintone! The texture is super silky and pigmented! Here is more of a review about Coralista here
which I did back in August!

We then have Cha Cha Tint, which I reviewed before Coralista here. This is a very lovely radiant tint. I am not a tint person but in Summer and a little bit in Autumn I certainly was addicted to this coral goodness! Such a easy blend able product that looks like a stain, stays on like a stain but comes off easy peasy. Gorgeous coral glow that you can wear on it's own or add underneath Coralista to give it a bit more of a coral radiance to the cheeks!

They're Real mascara! Every lady knows about this mascara has it was the best and number #1 selling mascara out of all brands for weeks and months. Even though it is plastic applicator which I don't mind anyway it certainly is the best mascara that Benefit have made. Your lashes look like they are mega long, full of volume without the need of fake ones! You can not go wrong with this mascara and if you haven't purchased this yet, then with your Christmas money that you received in your cards then I suggest you go get yourself one of these!

Concealer, every lady probably needs a good concealer! BUT do you have dry under eyes or dry skin? I surely do, so Fake Up concealer certainly gives me the hydration and the coverage! There is some concealers that give the coverage but can make my eyes look and feel dry/cakey but then there is concealers out there that give me hydration but not the coverage! BENEFIT your amazing because you have found a formula that gives the coverage and hydration in one! I love this concealer and think I will stand by it for pretty much forever!

Last but not least is Bad Gal Lash mascara! This was one of my latest purchases from Benefit, and I bought it at the beginning of December! I love the brush, love how black it is and love the packaging. Doesn't beat They're Real but certainly adds volume and thickness to the lashes!

Hope you enjoyed my Top Benefit PRoducts of 2013, what are your favourite products from Benefit?

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YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipsticks with Swatches ♥

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It's Christmas day tomorrow! Hope everyone everyone gets what they want and has a gorgeous Christmassy day. I wish it was a white Christmas and I woke up and looked out my window and a lovely sight of snow everywhere! I thought I would do a Christmas Eve blog because most of you have requested me to write and swatch about my latest YSL lipstick purchases! So here goes lovelies..

I bought two colours, quite pinky nudes! You do need a good nude in your lipstick collection. I'll talk about the "Rouge Pur Couture" range first. These lipsticks have a huge range of shades, so you will definitely find a colour you will love. They are in the most gorgeous gold packaging that I adore because it looks so luxurious! With these cases, they are perfect handy mirrors! The lipstick itself has the YSL logo engraved which I think is beautifully detailed.

These lipsticks are super pigmented and intense, they stay a true colour all day with the most radiant satin finish. Ladies you will love these. The coverage starts of with a medium pigment first then you can gradually build it up with layers to make it the perfect coverage for you. The formula is quite buttery and creamy, glides on your lips so easily with one swipe, its full of pigment. I have found these really hydrating on the lips, and that is a rare finding in most lipsticks which a perfect pigment.

It is important to have a good lasting time for lipsticks because you want lipsticks to last a very long time. These lipsticks have a gorgeous radiant finish for four-five hours on my lips which I think is pretty good, for a hydrating smooth lipstick on my type of lips.

Let's talk about the shades I purchased. I'll begin with "Shade 10" which is Beige Tribute. The picture below is the right side of my arm! Although the two shades look familiar in the tube they are so very different. This shade is more of a flesh colour need with a little bit of blue toned pink, which reminds me of "Snob" from MAC!

Next up is "Shade 06" is Rose Bergamasque and that's the left swatch on my arm below! This gorgeous shade is definitely a high demand shade and is quite popular. The shade is perfect for bold eyes and that gorgeous nude lip. A very feminine colour, because even though it's a nude there is a hint of subtle pink. There is no need for gloss with this lipstick, perfect radiant pearly lippy.

Which one would you purchase or try on?

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#askashleighbeauty Time ♥

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Evening readers, on this cold winter night on Christmas Eve Eve, well I haven't done an Ask AshleighBeauty post in a long time and I asked you lovely readers on Instagram to give some questions which you would like the answer too. I'm in a festive mood so thought I would add some festive questions that some of you asked! Thank you by the way for all your lovely questions, so here goes!

Question One;
If you could wear one item out of your makeup bag forever, what would it be? by thatonecalledmeg on instagram.
Tough question there lovely meg! It would always be mascara and recently I have been loving Revlon's Lash Potion mascara, so yes that would be my mascara I would wear all the time! It's the best mascara I have used in a very long time, woohoo to Revlon!

Question Two;
Do you think "Expensive" makeup mean "Better Quality"? by emanuelaspalletta on instagram.
Not always, course there is higher end and more expensive products out there that are better than your normal drugstore brands, and that is why they are more expensive due to them actually working or giving your the perfect makeup HOWEVER there is expensive brands that isn't worth the money at all because the quality of their makeup is bananas. I won't name or shame any brands as I don't put negative reviews on my blog! If I don't review it then it isn't good! So yeah I have found that some expensive brands should not price some of their items that high when they don't work or the quality is poop!

Question Three;
When did you start wearing makeup and was it because you were self conscious of your appearance or just wanted to play and create looks? by _fragilepetal on instagram.
I bought, well should I say my mum bought me my first mascara which was "High Impact" by Clinique or it could of been a "Dior" one, can't remember. I was aged about 14/15 and mascara was the only thing I wore at that age, however I blame my mum for my makeup addiction. It isn't because I am self conscious. I love makeup, I love how you can play with makeup and beauty and what it can do to you and just have fun with it really!

Question Four;
Quick Cure for spots? by meganelizabeth200 on instagram.
I shouldn't advice you this because it's not really a proper product for spots but.. I have seen it work on so many people and my friends. That spot curer product your after is toothpaste! Simple apply a little dab on your spot and leave it on for a good 20-30mins and it really reduce that spot! Yes it works.. If you fancy more of a "real" product then Clinique's "Spot Gel" is also a life saver!

Question Five;
If you could get any tattoo, what would you get? by pxstel on instagram.
I already have a tattoo! It is a tribal style that goes from my side belly too up my ribs and it has gorgeous pink flowers from small to big as you get to the top of my ribs, along with love hearts that intertwine. This basically means, I am the flower and I have grown into a bigger flower (woman) and had love throughout and then I have hidden "D" and "M" which you can't see straight away, but that means "Daddy" & "Mum" as they have helped me become the woman I am today!

Question Six;
What do you want for Christmas? by flowersinthewind on instagram.
My mum and dad bought it me today actually but can't use it til' christmas! It's a Nikon D3200 camera for my YouTube and still photographs for instagram! I can't thank them enough! It's what I have always wanted for a few months now and I got it!

Question Seven;
What is the best present you have ever gotten or given away for Christmas? by xfashionisax on instagram.
Currently my best present I have received was two! I received my iPad last year and now my Nikon camera for my youtube this year, both from my parents! Also my boyfriend bought me the most gorgeous fur coat the other year that I fall back in love with every winter! The best present I have given out is probably some techno things for my dad, a Samsung tablet for my mum last year!

Question Eight;
What will you be wearing Christmas Day/or worn before? by vicsvortex on instagram.
This year I have no clue what I am wearing however I know I will be wearing red lipstick has that is quite festivey! Last year I wore a fluffy cable knit jumper and I think it was leggings probably with red lipstick of course! If your wearing all white with halos this year make sure you put some red lippy on!

Question Nine;
When did you stop believing in Santa? by jodie_weston on instagram.
I never stopped believing in Santa because he is a real person! However I stopped believing the flying reindeers and that when I was about 8/9 because I seen my parents eat the carrot and the mince pies that they put out for "Santa" to eat! Hahaha.. Still makes me laugh.

Question Ten;
What would you do if you won the lottery & what would you buy first? by dreaming_in_chiffon on instagram.
If my friends read this, they will back me up! I have always said if I win the lottery the first thing I would buy would be makeup! Yes makeup and beauty. I think that proves my slight obsession for makeup and beauty eheh oops!

Well gorgeous people! You got any extra three questions squeezed on there, only usually do seven! Felt festive and in a good mood and all the festive questions made me happy! If I didn't fit yours on then don't worry there is always a next time! Love you all

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Signorina by Salvatore Ferrgamo & an announcement ♥

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Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Technically is, and I have some very exciting news to tell you! My mum and dad took me to Currys which is a shop that sells all technology and bits! They bought me a Nikon camera for my YouTube channel which will be released very shortly. Can't believe it is finally kickin' off and getting started, it's been a long wait ladies and gents. My parents won't let me have it til' Christmas day which is understandable I guess hehe..

Back to the Blogmas! Ah you have one day left to get your presents and if you are still stuck what to get yours friends or even your mum for christmas then I have the perfect and personally a new favourite of mine fragrance!

Signorina by Salvatore Ferrgamo, oh laa laa is this delicious! It is a ladies fragrance, of course! The bottle is extremely pretty and would catch any ladies eyes. The fragrance bottle is sophisticated yet simple and the bow detail which definitely finishes the look. This is a bottle that owns a spot anywhere on your vanity, the gold with the lilac ad pink gives it the finishing touch. When I looked at this bottle, I imagined the fragrance to be light, pretty and I'd say happy too.

Salvatore Ferrgamo has made this fragrance so it suits everyone, as it is fruity and radiantly beautiful. I would say it is aimed for the younger market but ayy? I think it will suit the older market to because of its simple scent. Continuing with the fragrance, it's not loud but it certainly is juicy with hints of red berries, vanilla and rose plus more. This has feminine written all over it gorgeous ladies so I suggest you read on..

I wouldn't say it's woody,musky nor dry or even citrus. It's creamy and velvety, quite like a dream. When I first had a smell of this fragrance it drew me in and it does not smell like any other fragrances in my eyes, or just I say nose hehe! It's got the perfect blend of freshness, fruit and creamy. I have noticed that vanilla is one of the most popular notes at the moment, yummy.

There is nothing wrong with this fragrance, not overpowering and not too girly either! They put a lot of thought into this scent to make it suitable to most women. It is worth the pennies has the scent lasts for hours on me anyway, which is a massive bonus because most scents don't even last an hour on me! An amazing product overall, it comes in two sizes and I am sure I seen a body wash or lotion that you can also buy with it! I would say it's a perfect present for not just Christmas but birthdays too, also in a few months we do have Mother's Day coming, so treat anyone special with this gorgeous scent.

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Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Serum Foundation ♥

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Since I have been away, thought I would make it up to you lovely ladies and maybe gents to write another review today! This is another product where there was a craze about it and everyone was in love so finally I purchased the "Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Serum" foundation! I understand why this had a massive craze and was posted on nearly every girls instagram account. Thought I would share my views about this product for you ladies that haven't tried it yet.

This is definitely a product that has had a massive amount of good reviews and think I will be adding another good review to that list. Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Serum is probably one of the top favourite drugstore foundations, quite a high demand product. Many of you might know that this is the updated version of the original "Healthy Mix" foundation with a better texture, formula and consistency.

The texture is a gorgeous gel, instantly blends and gives your skin that "healthy" looking radiance. It's not a dewy or matte finish which is usually the most common two finishes. I would say it's quite a silky, satin finish which I quite like. Even though it says it is a serum it does feel more like a lightweight gel which I don't mind at all! It smells very fruity and I am happy to apply this on my face because the scent is lovely. I am quite particular to foundation scents because some foundations I have aren't that nice to smell as your applying.

I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and it smooths and applies onto my skin so easy and freely! A light coverage foundation but I would say a little bit more could turn it into a medium coverage. On my skin it doesn't leave creases or streak lines on my skin which is a bonus for me considering my skin type. It is a foundation that you would use for an everyday occasion, either to work, school or just going for a shopping spree! I have reached for this foundation more than I thought I would, it is a good colour match even though I would prefer it if they had more of a range to choose from. If you love the natural look but still want a decent coverage, gorgeous finish then purchase this!

It's a hypoallergenic product so I am really happy I am able to use this on a daily basis with my hyper sensitive skin. I am so happy I haven't experienced any reaction because I really love this foundation! With my dry skin, I do find that this foundation is really hydrating and doesn't highlight my dry areas or accentuate my flaky spots. It has a good long-wearing power and does stay on a good few hours of the day without the need to apply more which everyone needs in a foundation.

Definitely worth the pennies so I suggest you go into a local drugstore near you that has Bourjois Paris and grab yourself this product!

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Revlon Lash Potion by Grow Luscious Volume + Length Mascara ♥

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Blogmas time! Only four days til' Christmas. What are you all doing for it and most importantly have you all wrapped up your presents and put them under the Christmas tree? I'm going to blog today and write a review that you could give to anyone as a present or maybe treat yourself too! It is definitely been a craze about this mascara and because of that I was debating to buy it, but I did! After all I am a beauty blogger and I like trying new things!

Revlon Lash Potion mascara! Put your hands up if your a mascara addict, because I surely am and you will all love this product and I know understand why this was such a craze. I think I am quite late reviewing about this product but has a beauty blogger, nothing is too late! You can find these in any drugstores that sell a wide range of Revlon.

Lash Potion is definitely magically on your eyelashes. It creates gorgeous lashes, with length and volume! The best thing I have noticed about this product (and I have seen a difference), the formula strengthens the lashes with proteins, vitamins and amino acids and this also offers longer, fuller lashes! This is one of a kind mascara because the formula and brush don't clump the lashes or make them look spidery!

When applied the effect is really amazing and makes any lash look stunning! It is volumizing with length too which most mascaras I have tried claim to have but don't actually do. Revlon "Lash Potion" is a mascara I will stick with forever. Let's focus on the brush, after all that does give us the amazing lashes! The brush applicator is quite old school bushy brush and quite basic with little hint of spikes! Simple and straight, no fuss and yet it gives a perfect look.

Even though this gives your lashes such an amazing look! It doesn't look overly cakey or look over the top! It had the perfect amount of product on the brush to make them look voluminous and longer. It is a waterproof mascara so that is a plus for me, I do like a good waterproof mascara! Even though it is waterproof it is not tricky to remove, any makeup wipe or remover was simple enough for me! There is more amazing things about this mascara like, it doesn't flake, transfer or smudge! I would 100% recommend this mascara to anyone, it is perfect for all type of lashes I would say.

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I'm back from my trip ♥

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Hello ladies and gents! I am back from my lovely trip! Thought I would share you some pictures rather than go into detail about the trip. Loved getting away from everything, it was pretty much in the middle of no where so it was a nice getaway! It was for my boyfriend's birthday, such a special trip. Here is some pictures for you..

It is nice to be back though because I have missed blogging but it was nice to have a break from everything and wine down! I have missed all you lovely readers but now I am back.

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What's in my makeup bag? Christmas Edition ♥

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Can't believe how fast this month is going! Nine days left til' Christmas! Single digits now, how exciting! I ended up eating the whole of my advent calender oops, good job I did though because there was three days missing! Which isn't nice haha. I thought I would do a Christmas edition "What's in my makeup bag" because I treated myself to some goodies during the Christmas season and they now own a permanent place in my everyday makeup bag! Here goes;

I got this beautiful makeup bag today actually from Primark! It is absolutely gorgeous and I instantly fell in love with the design and the perfect size. If you have been following me for quite a while you might know that nudes and light pinks are my favourite colours, especially to photograph!

Let's talk about the contents, after all this is what the post is about! Shall we start left to right? This might give you some ideas for Christmas ideas, so stay focused ladies (or if your someones boyfriend reading this and need some advice).

The gorgeous gold product is Heat Wave by Estee Lauder, it is a gelee powder and it's beautiful! I use this to highlight my features or just add a little shimmer to a matte looking blusher! It is quite upsetting that it's limited edition, but fingers crossed that it comes out next year!

Hello hello? Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation by Benefit, is a new edition to my foundation and everyday makeup collection. I honestly can't tell you how amazing this foundation actually it is! Perfect coverage for an everyday makeup look. I have wrote a more in depth review on this product. If you want to know more than click > here!

Eyebrows! You need a good eyebrow product which adds shape, colour and definition. Speed Brow by Benefit. This is such an amazing idea to use throughout the day if your eyebrows start going crazy! Definitely a speedy product, simply get out of your bag and brush onto your eyebrows and it will fix them brows up in no time!

I am definitely an eyeliner addict. I have always stood by Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner in black. Perfect applicator, stays on all day and this product actually lasts months and months. You can create any eyeliner look with this! I wrote more about this product here!

During Christmas season, it can become extremely cold and our skin especially mine hates it! My eyes can look really drying when concealer is applied. Benefit's Fake Up concealer has to be the most hydrating concealer I have tried and still hides them imperfections I have!

Bourjois Paris Happy Light Illuminating Primer, is delicious and definitely adds a good amount of radiance underneath makeup during these dull and grey skies! More about this product click here!

During winter and Christmas time, I love the plums, dark browns and golden blushes, so during this special edition MAC Cosmetics Warm Soul blusher has earned a spot in my makeup bag! Here is more information and swatches about this here

Every girl I know wants long lashes! More full lashes with extra volume! I finally bought Revlon Lash Potion and L'Oreal False Lash Flutter mascaras! I can't express how much I love these and are definitely my new all time favourites! I honestly can say that these mascaras make my eyelashes super long and super thick without all the clumping and smudgey spots!

What's in your Christmas makeup bag! Hashtag your bits #ashleighbeautymakeupbag on Instagram so I can have a look at all your wonderful makeup collections!

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Hello Flawless Oxygen Foundation by Benefit Cosmetics ♥

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Evening ladies & gents! Surely your christmas list is nearly full! Well if you can squeeze another on, grab your pen and write this lovely christmas idea down!

Need an everyday liquid foundation, then in that case you might want to check this foundation out by Benefit Cosmetics. With me, I am working very early hours in the morning and have extremely long days, I need something that stays on well but very natural and easy to apply in the mornings, so I can have more beauty sleep! Hello Flawless Oxygen foundation is probably one of my newest favourites for a natural everyday sheer foundations.

I don’t like wearing a full coverage foundation every day, I like my skin to breathe throughout the week with either a tinted moisturiser or sheer foundation, or nothing at all and then when it comes to special occasions or weekends then the extra coverage won’t harm my skin and I will feel a bit different when I go out and look my best! Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation, has been out for a while and I think I am a tad late trying this and reviewing about it but ay, every thought counts right? I am really pleased that is a fragrance-free product as well because it doesn’t irritate my skin at all which is a bonus for me.

So this foundation is actually suitable for all skin types from the driest of skins to the oiliest and even you ladies that are in-between! I think this is why this foundation is one of the popular foundations on the market because they have made it suitable to everyone. Even though it claims that it is suitable for everyone, with my dry skin thought I would test it out. I can say that there was no flakiness, dryness, patchiness or cracks which I am impressed with. I don’t powder with this foundation just because I prefer the gorgeous dewy and radiant finish it gives, but if you’re an oilier skin then maybe a dab of powder just to stop any shine peeking through.

A primer with this Benefit foundation I would say is a must to make it look more flawless. I love the fact it is lightweight, gives a natural finish and doesn’t enhance any of my dry areas! I do have very sensitive skin and this has not caused any problems yay!

More about the foundation! It is a sheer coverage but definitely able to build it up to a medium coverage. The coverage is quite impressive, it does conceal a few imperfections with luminosity. You are in for a treat with this lightweight and very comfortable product. At the moment I have been on the hunt for a natural more sheer foundation and I have found the one! It gave me a beautiful radiant glow to my skin, with looking like you’re wearing makeup. I love that it is a very hydrating texture and formula because it is a massive deal for me.

When applied the foundation does blend quite easily, my skin feels like it can breathe and that is the best feeling with any foundation. Even though it looks quite thick, the texture is beautifully creamy!

The packaging is really cute, attractive and also I love the simplicity of the bottle. I love that it is transparent because I know how much I have exactly! Not like I need to worry about it because you only need a tiny bit as it spreads a long way. Definitely a new sheer foundation of mine that I would repurchase! Buy it now and get matched up to your shade, they also do samples for you to try out first! Go online or to your nearest Benefit counter. Delicious oxygen for you skin!

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YSL "Shocking" Mascara ♥

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Many of us may have some busy schedules, meeting with friends all the time, going travelling or anything! When applying mascara it can take some time to get that perfect length and volume, even thickness! Surely we don’t want to be sitting there for ten minutes applying mascara when you need to be somewhere quick! Thought I would share my thoughts on my latest and newest favourite mascara “YSL Shocking” mascara!

We all need a good mascara right? We all don’t have time to sit there putting layers after layers on, or even waiting for the glue to dry on your fakies! “YSL Shocking” is a beautiful mascara, I have heard so many good things about this mascara so thought I would hop onto the boat and try it out for myself. Certainly have to say, I’m impressed.

YSL has luxurious, gorgeous gold packaging that I can’t resist to buy. The packaging does look and feel expensive also sophisticated, which it is! I know it isn’t real gold, but it does look amazingly pretty in your makeup storage or bag. YSL’s gold design does stand out from other brands out there I believe. I also believe that the mascara is the most used, most bought product out there in the makeup industry so most importantly you need a mascara that is going to last you a long time and give you the look you want in one product, so you can save your pennies.

Like I mentioned in my second paragraph, I am impressed! The things I read and were told about this mascara are certainly true. The formula is thick and is an extremely black shade which I do indeed love. One of the blackest mascaras I have come across, even when it is applied it is BLACK! The brush and formula do work together well has they both make the lashes look longer, thicker, volumizes and adds a little curl to your lashes.

Ladies you may be wondering “Yes it might give you longer lashes, and a more volumizing look but does it even last all day?” Definitely does, I have been up early hours of the morning and it has stayed the same throughout the day, without needing to add more or fix it! This mascara is definitely a money saver.

This is the type of mascara that you can add extra minutes to your beauty sleep, because this mascara is quick drying, easy to apply and instantly lifts the lashes and lengthens them. Two layers and your lashes will look naturally long and voluminous within seconds. It enhances any natural, daytime and night time makeup look.

The brush seems to be designed so you don’t get that annoying black smudge that you get on the top of the lids when applying mascara, which I always seem to get with other mascaras! Also when you’re finished applying other mascaras can mark the eyelids with black dots, which can be quite annoying. Just simply apply it like you would do, in your own way and it is a miracle what this pot of gold can do!

This is a really “shocking” product and would recommend this to everyone, spread the word and purchase this either online or at your nearest YSL counter.

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Lushie Girl: Lush Cosmetics Christmas Haul ♥

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A slightly different post to what I usually would post but it is a must because it is about the best handmade cosmetics store, LUSH. I am a massive LUSHIE. Thought I would do my Lush haul that I purchased over the weekend, make it a little bit more exciting for you lovely readers! LUSH cosmetics is a store that wherever I go, if I walk past one, I am guaranteed to walk in and I know I won’t come out empty handed.

Let’s start off with the Christmas goodies, after all they are the most important products this time of year. I bought a selection of Christmas goodies, I am familiar with some from last year but they have brought out some more limited edition ones, which is really exciting! I will begin with “Snow Fairy Shower Gel” which is one of their best selling products throughout Christmas time. A bottle of candy and hint of fairy dust, such a gorgeous scent that just stays on your skin for hours, if you love candy, candyfloss and anything sweet then this is the ONE for you! I understand why this is a number1# product, lathers up extremely well with only a pea sized amount.

Snow Fairy has a sister bath bar this year, which is their newly launched snow fairy, star shaped product “Magic Wand”. This smells like you could eat it, but don’t because it belongs in your bath to make you smell nice and be squeaky clean. A reusable bubble bath bar, that gives you lots of candy bubbles! Smells just like “Snow Fairy”, if you prefer a bath then grab this. All you do is run your bath, put the bubble bar in your bath and give it a little swirl and like magic your bath is full of pink candy bubbles!

Next we have “Candy Mountain” which is a pink and white cone. Please I recommend you get your hands on this and put it in your bath as soon as you can. Love even scents of vanilla and creamy candy, perfect blend that when it’s crumbled into your bath it adds a lovely girly, sweet scent!

More Christmas goodies, on the way to you! “Lush Pud”, I would say this is the most traditional scented product out of the range. I love the pastel colours throughout the bath bomb and the holly leave in the centre. The smell is probably the most relaxing because of the soothing lavender fragrance. If you’re unsure which one this is, in the pictures it is the big round ball of colours!

Last but not least at all out of the Christmas range is the giant gold present called “Golden Wonder” It was that big, it was a bit of a struggle to fit it into the paper bag! I have had this since it has come out, Golden Wonder is definitely a surprise when you pop it into your bath. There is a few layers and each layer has something gold, magical and different to offer.

Onto the skincare, I bought a few products just because I fancied to try some girl essentials! With this being skin care I will definitely do individual posts for more in depth review about them. Start with “Rub Rub Rub”, been eyeing this product for a while but always walked away but this time I did it, I went ahead and purchased it and I really can’t wait to try this, because of my eczema I really need a fragrance free and sensitive scrub.

“Popcorn Lip Scrub”, I already have three at home and gone and bought my fourth! Winter essential most definitely. Ladies do you suffer from dry, flaky or even chapped lips? The quality is amazing and worth every penny. They make my lips silky afterwards and the fact you can just lick it off after you have had a good scrub is the best bit!

This wind, the rain, the cold, everything about winter can make our skin dry! We never realise that our cuticles do need some love as well as our body. “Lemony Flutter”, this is such an intense fragrance but so subtle when applied onto the cuticles, I couldn’t believe it. Super thick texture and full of nutrients for them dry bits!

That’s my LUSH haul done and hope I have made you want to purchase some of these or gave you some ideas for Christmas presents! I would recommend to go into store that is near you because the ladies and gents that work there are super helpful and will help you with anything.

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